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eBay VP Steve Yankovich: En Route A $ 4B in gross sales mobile

Posted by VdoCity Sunday, October 9, 2011 week, who moderated a panel discussion at the world conference in London Application, which included Steve Yankovich, eBay's chief operating officer and mobile business development.

I met Steve after our panel to talk more about eBay advances in introducing mobile commerce a mainstream audience.

Yankovich tells me that eBay is on track to process about $ 4 billion in sales of mobile (= gross volume of goods, revenue) in 2011, double the figure recorded last year.

Company's mobile applications for the iPhone, iPhone, Android, WP7 and other things have been downloaded more than 50 million times, and its application market has only seen about 20 million downloads.

In addition, three purchases made through eBay mobile application every second.

Approximately half of the mobile eBay purchases came from outside the U.S. (most English speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, but also Germany and France).

More statistics (September 2011, as relayed by eBay PR):

- More than 117,000 auto parts and accessories are sold through eBay's iPhone core applications every week
- 2,600 vehicles are purchased through eBay iPhone applications every week core
- 13 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories are sold per minute through eBay mobile application

It's not just buyers who use eBay applications, Yankovich said. In fact, from September 2011, eBay sellers will list more than 700,000 new items through their mobile applications on a weekly basis.

You can see the video interview below - apologies for having to change the cameras in the middle of it.


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