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Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011

It seems that Facebook has a seemingly impenetrable position of government censorship of the country. Facebook recently vice president Joanna Shields Europe made the remarks at a conference in the UK, disdainful of being disconnected by the authorities in case of other civil disturbances.

The local media reported that Shields has responded to a question about whether David Cameron might take online Facebook with a rebuttal of the company, saying she did not think would ever happen. On the other hand, stressed that the relationship with the British government was extremely strong. However, many remember that during this summer, the UK government seems to be in opposition to this position defined. Actually, it was only after some consideration that the authorities decided against a movement to censor offline or social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Critics said they really could not, anyway, so it was clear why he was so sure of shields.

On the other hand, to the extent that the UK government is concerned, had more to lose from the ban on Facebook. In addition to a clear concern about freedom of expression, when the authorities announced that they wanted a few people deep in jail for bad jokes online, the government has a very useful tool. In fact, Facebook keep operating, the UK government was able to monitor the behavior of the population, either waiting for the acquisition of a new plasma TV, or even organize a kind of civil disobedience.

Facebook said that if people are doing something wrong and let everyone know about it in social networks, then maybe they will catch it anyway. And many would agree with this view, including a pair of Facebook users that the data published about a riot of fiction, landing prison sentences.

Network, as Facebook is really a very powerful tool for the government to keep track of their servitude. However, the jailed "troublemakers" case said he also sent a strong message, showing who is in control. Therefore, the UK government is keen that Facebook is still open. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior is developing methods for infiltrating social networks such as Facebook on a massive scale.

The suspicion is that only government in the UK can use the riots as an excuse to extend the programs violate the right to privacy beyond the level necessary to enforce the law.


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