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Yahoo messenger flooder

Posted by VdoCity Sunday, May 29, 2011

The archive contains three folders:

- flooder
- IR IDMakerV3.2
- Multi Yahoo Checker Boots
The flooder programs are, in IR IDMaker V3.2 is a program that you could easily make Buti, and Boots Yahoo Multi Checker is a program that can scan your list of saved Buti Buti and who go and get rid only those who go.

[+] In the flooder and open at a time only:
Big Killer Release
Ym-Fusion v2
-GMC Booters

The remaining 2 to leave and not go there because I was lazy to delete them .. ^ ^
In all three programs you'll see that will appear at each Load.
Load in turn give to each and select the file. flooder txt folder named Boots dEv1L good.
Do the same at all and give all log in then the A..
Wait a bit to load all.
I'll take some time to load .. Not mult.Cam 45 seconds.
After you have loaded the Victim Buti are getting there and give idiul as follows.

The Big Killer Flood Release give to Fast Fusion Ym YM Flood and give the boot give a Gmc booters.

Now the victim will be taken off the mess.Nu takes depends very much .. net of speed.

[+] Something like this is everything to someone flooded.

[+] To create Buti do as follows:

Enter archive IDMakerV3.2 IR
Enter IDMaker IR.

When you enter into it tick:

Boot-Random name
Name and lastname-Randomize
-Randomize information

And press the start button.
Now we came right captcha code that will be left to write .. After fiecaredata Create button when you write code Create.Si press will create a boot.
After Save and give you create where you can save Buti.

[+] If the "tutorial" has been my help click the button under my avatar REP.
I hope I was helpful to new members who sought it.

Download :



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