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Exclusive mark zuckerburg Private Pictures Hacked on Faceboook

Posted by VdoCity Wednesday, December 14, 2011 2 comments

It turned out that Facebook’s team of developers was fast to drop a massive clanger once it emerged that private pictures of the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, could be easily accessed via his own website.


Some online forum,, has published a step-by-step guide, demonstrating users how they could navigate past security settings which were supposed to stop Internet users from accessing private pictures.

And it looks like regardless of the claims in the exaggerated Social Network, the private photo album has proved that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t actually live a wild life of debauchery. As opposed to the private pictures of most wealthy twenty-somethings, now there were no any embarrassing or incriminating tagged pictures featuring Zuckerberg gurning at all-night having eyes like saucers or anything like that.
Aside from a photo with President Obama, Facebook founder’s pictures were quite more mundane, with photos uploaded of him cooking meal and handing out sweets to children on Halloween about as exciting as it gets. Nevertheless, there was a picture of enthusiastic carnivore Mark Zuckerberg holding a live chicken, but people could only speculate as to whether the bird was to meet an untimely death at the hands of Zuckerberg with a passion for killing his own dinner. All users were able to check out the pictures published online.

The pictures could be accessed by fiddling around with the system letting Facebook’s users to flag material on other profiles as inappropriate. Unsurprisingly, not many people had time to get a snoop – the network developers reacted quickly by blocking access once they became aware of the embarrassing gaffe.

It seems that Facebook has attributed the mishap to a latest revision of its software, or at least it’s what it said in the interview with the Wall Street Journal. But the facts remain, and the anonymous poster slammed the network’s supposedly crack team of developers at how easy it was to hack into private material, calling it “really terrible programming on the company’s part”. The same was told by a number of industry experts and IT professionals – they all agree that it was just inexcusable, taking into account the legions of engineers and web developers working for Facebook.

siri on ipod touch

Posted by VdoCity Monday, October 31, 2011 0 comments

Several attempts have also been made to make it work on devices other than the iPhone 4S but so far the result was disappointing, their efforts often being thwarted by Apple's servers who were determined not to let any thing other than the iPhone 4S through.


Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 28, 2011 0 comments

Despite numerous sources such as Reuters reported that the new iPhone 3 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2011, the signs are that will be in early 2012. Yet another rumor believes it could be November.

On July 1, Digitimes reports that Taiwan-based component suppliers were preparing for the production of iPad iPhone 3 and 5. In October 2011, later reported that production would start probably by the end of the year.
However, during August, a rumor that Apple broke was created to delay the release of iPad 3, due to the lack of retinal screens its suppliers LG and Samsung.

The exciting news is that it seems that we will get our iPad Retina Display, finally, with evidence that Apple shipments from the current providers of 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7-inch displays.

The iPad 3 release date in the UK is a mystery

Apple can not meet the initial demand for iPad 2, expect a release date for the iPad step 3 also: Apple will most likely follow the model they have with the iPhone launch two and do everything in the new year .

The iPad 3 specifications include a dual-core processor ...

It is possible that the iPad 3 has a completely new processor, Apple A6, but if the rumored release date is correct, then the time is very tight: no doubt expected to see an A5, A6 no one in the iPhone 5 when it occurs.

Apple, so we were surprised, of course, but it is hoped that seeing the same processor and graphics as the iPad 2 on the iPhone 3: PowerVR graphics processor SGX543MP2 A5. This is reduced to the release date of iPhone 3: if it's 2011, expect an A5. If it is 2012, see below.

... Unless the iPhone 3 is a quad-core processor

If the A6 is the next step on the line - and we see a new iPhone until 2012 - which also could be looking at a quad-core chip from Apple. Quad-core designs will be from all ARM partners later this year.

Speaking on August 26, an analyst said that an A6 could not appear in the future iPad end of 2012

An important figure behind WebOS has deserted HP Nokia, which will be involved in the Windows Phone 7 was the Finnish giant.
Richard Kerris served as vice president, developer relations and public transfer to Nokia has been hailed as a sort of coup Nokia.

There will be the head of developer relations - monitoring of the entire portfolio of phones from Nokia, as it seeks to recapture market leadership smarpthone.
Great people

"People are what makes the difference, always," wrote Marco Argenti Nokia. "I am thrilled to welcome Richard Kerris on my computer as global head of developer relations."

With WebOS apparently for sale, was not yet talking about Nokia is a potential buyer of the well-received, but fighting for the operating system.

Although HP has invested the plan to get rid of the PC division, has been postponed any announcement about his plans on mobile devices, for the moment.

Apple wins

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Apple has been awarded a patent covering the slide-to-unlock functionality on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The familiar touchscreen mechanism was subject to a trademark application back in 2009 and Apple has finally been given the all clear to add this to its ever-growing army of patents.

The patent filing states: "A device with a touch-sensitive display may be unlocked via gestures performed on the touch-sensitive display.

"The device is unlocked if contact with the display corresponds to a predefined gesture for unlocking the device."

Cue the lawsuits

Slide to unlock is also a popular feature on Android and Windows Phone handsets and the next logical step will surely be in the courtrooms as Apple looks to lock-down its intellectual property.

Tellingly, the patent application also has covered all "predefined gestures" like the custom pattern input widely used on Android handsets.

It also begs the question, if software developers are unable to use slide to unlock or pattern input, then how else are we going to lock and unlock our phones? A counter action claim is likely.

The successful patent application follows this week's revelations of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs' determination to "destroy Android".

Jobs told biographer Walker Isaacson: "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.

"I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

The first Android 4.0 phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, will be released in the United Kingdom on November 17.

The Ice Cream Sandwich phone appeared on a product page with release date, which has since been officially confirmed by Samsung.

You can check out our Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands on video.

Amazon has made the device available for pre-order on the SIM-free price of £ 549, making it more expensive than the cheapest iPhone 4S.

TechRadar Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus review was full of praise for the phone, and especially its Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich.

If that's a little out of your price range, then 3, Vodafone and O2 have signed in the UK as carriers, so that subsidized phones available.
Beast big screen

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will pack a whopping 4. 65-inch screen, Super AMOLED technology with Samsung, which helped the Galaxy S2 a winner in good faith.

In the engine room, which will have a 1.2GHz dual core processor from Texas Instruments and 1 GB of RAM to keep it fast.

The device looks set to do battle with the iPhone 4S for the right to sit under the Christmas tree in the United Kingdom.

What device is in his letter to Santa Claus? Let us know in the comments section.

Windows 8 is in the hands of developers, and the excitement is building this new user-friendly touch operating system from Microsoft.
Windows 8 is in the hands of developers, and the excitement is building this new user-friendly touch operating system from Microsoft.

You probably already checked out TechRadar extensive hands on Windows 8 for review, but now you can see video preview of what you need to know about the next-generation operating system and see it in action.

Therefore, if you want to know your charms of Metro, check out the video preview for Windows 8 before a likely launch in 2012.
You probably already checked out TechRadar extensive hands on Windows 8 for review, but now you can see video preview of what you need to know about the next-generation operating system and see it in action.

Therefore, if you want to know your charms of Metro, check out the video preview for Windows 8 before a likely launch in 2012.

One of the first things that bloggers do when they attend an event where they announced a new smartphone is said to compare intelligent performance against other, more established names in the smartphone industry. Our friends at Engadget did exactly this in the Nokia World yesterday, where Nokia has announced its first smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 called Lumia 800, comparing its performance against the iPhone browser II.SlashGear 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S separate browser compares the performance of the 800 4S Lumia against the iPhone and the Galaxy S II. Performance tests are hardly scientific, since it is not conducted in a controlled environment. The two tests are therefore anecdotal and suggest you do not reach a conclusion based on them.

As expected, thanks to its hardware and software optimization set, the iPhone 4S proved to be the fastest browser in the comparison. Mobile Safari seems to be making full use of dual-core chips Apple A5 which, incidentally, proved to be the fastest in its class.

Apple apparently uses a pair of clever tricks like the URL bar filled before loading the page so that the user believes that the browser is rendering faster. The circle turns iOS status bar is what really should be looking to see if the website is loaded or not. However, despite all the obvious deception, the iPhone 4S made the pages load faster!

The Galaxy S II, which is powered by a chip of 1.2 GHz dual core, were a respectable place in the second test. The biggest advantage it has over the iPhone Lumia 4S is 800 and comes with support for Flash so can, as Adobe would say, by browsing "full web" with him.

Despite having a core of less and half the RAM, the Nokia 800 Lumia held up surprisingly well against the giants, like the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II in comparison tests. No doubt it was the slowest of the group, but only for a second or two.

SlashGear found that the navigation page was "soft in all areas" once the page loaded. As mentioned before, the speed of the browser depends not only on the benefit, but also in network speed / load, so do not consider that this is conclusive proof.

THE Lumia Nokia 800 was announced yesterday at Nokia World. For more information, check out our post on their characteristics, specifications and availability.

The recent release of the life story of Steve Jobs, as told by Walter Isaacsson has revealed few details of Apple's future business, including their aspirations in the competitive market for connected TV - led by Jeff Robbins - a guy who seems to have more than a little tug on the Cupertino company ranks.What we did not know until now, however, is that the key point - as was the case with the recent 4S iPhone - will be for the entire system voice recognition in the form of Siri. Once the fruit company starts pumping on television, has been the day of the remote controls, and instead, the TV is personified in an intelligent slave that responds to your viewing preferences.

For example, if you're a fan of the show Criminal minds, you will be able to tell Siri you want to catch up on the last episode, and like clockwork, the latest episode will begin rolling. If, unfortunately, you enjoy rock to the sounds of U2, which may require to see music videos featuring Bono of the band, and, oh surprise, it will be - ready for your viewing pleasure.

The digitization of television over the last 10-15 years has left fans of the TV to choose from, allowing you to search and storage effortless sample to see at any time. But the voice control this luxury a whole new level, and Syria could end up making an even greater impact at home than on the mobile devices. TV-based Siri has an air of James Bond in it, and apart from just providing TV shows, movies and music videos, is more than likely that the web content would fall under the broad umbrella Siri.

The technology is there, and the incredible marketing prowess of Apple, a skeptic would take courage to oppose a reform of the way television looks.

Apple TV was scored by Steve Jobs, more like a hobby than a serious product, but with the efforts of the TV company looking to set to take a more stubborn in the next 18 months, no doubt, the potential for Apple to spread its wings beyond just Macs and mobile devices.

Hopes that the usual high prices, cutting-edge style and boastful but persuasive marketing that Apple aims to attack the television market.

It is hardly a new product or software released, will the focus turn to what is next, or what the future holds for the phone us.Windows Mango 7.5 was released just a matter of weeks, and already a demand Nokia has appeared to reveal the date of release of information of his successor - code-named Apollo Windows Phone. Michael Halbherr, executive vice president for the location and Trade, said it will launch sometime between the end of Q2 and the start of Q3.

Besides jet version information also more intriguing, said that Apollo will be a "very different game" compared to the release of Mango, suggesting that the release would make the giant leap for Windows Phone 8 with all the bells and whistles - rather than a mere implementation of the factory to upgrade.

Surely a statement announcing 8 months in advance can only mean big things are pending. Not much has been discovered of Apollo, but revealed he is working Halbherr to persuade Microsoft to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) and what he described as a "placemarks" for Windows Phone that supports better Nokia Navteq mapping platform. With Nokia drop Symbian operating system that were once popular for the smartphone platform from Microsoft, it seems as if the Finnish company will enjoy a certain element of bias with respect to future releases of Windows Phone. If Nokia is able to regain the popularity of its devices 10 years ago, and Windows Phone 8 offers some of the progress shown by the Redmond-based company, then the coalition of Nokia Windows may cause problems in very Android / iOS dominated the market.

With iOS 5 only just released, Google Ice Cream Sandwich scheduled for a long-awaited launch in November, Steve Ballmer and his friends have a lot of catching up. Microsoft has won a lot of positive PR after allowing PC users to test an early Alpha operating system Windows 8, as well as showing new features set to erode the line of differentiation between smartphone consoles, desktop and games.

If, as predicted, Apollo lands half of 2012, follow the benchmark set by the handle for the release earlier than market expectations - a risky strategy that anyone could see Microsoft pose a real threat, both Apple and Google, or fall completely on the road.

Skype Enables IP address & Location Tracking

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011 0 comments

Surprise, surprise! There is a new flaw in the "system" that keeps track of the user's location through your IP address.

It has been reported that any skilled hacker can now find the location of a user connected to your account. This gives us another reason to be "extremely careful" when using programs and software that help us communicate with our loved ones and some not so loved!

The company, however, is trying to recover from the shock and stating that the ability to obtain the IP address was common to all customers of web-based communication. They probably do not know how terrible it can be for some people. A massive security and privacy breech, I mean, come on!
Adrian Asher, Skype's chief information security officer, said:

Just as with typical Internet communications software, Skype users who are connected may be able to determine each other's IP addresses. Through research and development, we will continue to make advances in this area and improvements to our software.

The blind spot can be abused by many an expert hacker and also, on a massive scale. This was observed by the company when it has been shown to millions of users and their location can be tracked.

We feel comfortable saying that we have gotten pretty used to third-party applications and programs for abuse of their privileges. However, the information we provide is worthy of being noted. We ask our readers to think twice before doing anything that we ask not to do.