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Samsung Galaxy Nexus RELEASING DATE

Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 28, 2011

The first Android 4.0 phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, will be released in the United Kingdom on November 17.

The Ice Cream Sandwich phone appeared on a product page with release date, which has since been officially confirmed by Samsung.

You can check out our Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands on video.

Amazon has made the device available for pre-order on the SIM-free price of £ 549, making it more expensive than the cheapest iPhone 4S.

TechRadar Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus review was full of praise for the phone, and especially its Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich.

If that's a little out of your price range, then 3, Vodafone and O2 have signed in the UK as carriers, so that subsidized phones available.
Beast big screen

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will pack a whopping 4. 65-inch screen, Super AMOLED technology with Samsung, which helped the Galaxy S2 a winner in good faith.

In the engine room, which will have a 1.2GHz dual core processor from Texas Instruments and 1 GB of RAM to keep it fast.

The device looks set to do battle with the iPhone 4S for the right to sit under the Christmas tree in the United Kingdom.

What device is in his letter to Santa Claus? Let us know in the comments section.


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