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Windows Phone Apollo LAUNCHING DATE

Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 28, 2011

It is hardly a new product or software released, will the focus turn to what is next, or what the future holds for the phone us.Windows Mango 7.5 was released just a matter of weeks, and already a demand Nokia has appeared to reveal the date of release of information of his successor - code-named Apollo Windows Phone. Michael Halbherr, executive vice president for the location and Trade, said it will launch sometime between the end of Q2 and the start of Q3.

Besides jet version information also more intriguing, said that Apollo will be a "very different game" compared to the release of Mango, suggesting that the release would make the giant leap for Windows Phone 8 with all the bells and whistles - rather than a mere implementation of the factory to upgrade.

Surely a statement announcing 8 months in advance can only mean big things are pending. Not much has been discovered of Apollo, but revealed he is working Halbherr to persuade Microsoft to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) and what he described as a "placemarks" for Windows Phone that supports better Nokia Navteq mapping platform. With Nokia drop Symbian operating system that were once popular for the smartphone platform from Microsoft, it seems as if the Finnish company will enjoy a certain element of bias with respect to future releases of Windows Phone. If Nokia is able to regain the popularity of its devices 10 years ago, and Windows Phone 8 offers some of the progress shown by the Redmond-based company, then the coalition of Nokia Windows may cause problems in very Android / iOS dominated the market.

With iOS 5 only just released, Google Ice Cream Sandwich scheduled for a long-awaited launch in November, Steve Ballmer and his friends have a lot of catching up. Microsoft has won a lot of positive PR after allowing PC users to test an early Alpha operating system Windows 8, as well as showing new features set to erode the line of differentiation between smartphone consoles, desktop and games.

If, as predicted, Apollo lands half of 2012, follow the benchmark set by the handle for the release earlier than market expectations - a risky strategy that anyone could see Microsoft pose a real threat, both Apple and Google, or fall completely on the road.


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