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Posted by VdoCity Wednesday, September 28, 2011 recently made a lot of dramatic changes. Therefore, we as sellers Facebook think about how it will affect the way we do marketing on Facebook? How will we cope with change? For this reason, and to succeed in the commercialization of Facebook after these changes, you must reach a more attractive content and further integrate yourself into the lives of people. In fact, this is how Facebook wants you to think about marketing your brand. The big loser was the "Like", which is now a bit less relevant and will have a minor role in marketing in Facebook.

As you can see in the picture below, one of the changes that Facebook has done was the addition of the angle of blue in the upper left corner to cancel the mark from an upper floor and more options available in the "drop down menu" located in the upper right of each update. Facebook use is made of this to know what is best to appear on news channels users. The thing is, as users have more control over their sources of news, pages boring or irrelevant content will lower visibility in their news feeds fans. (However, it is still displayed in the ticker).

David Berkowitz, director of emerging media and innovation for the 360i, Facebook says it will now be on the actions of branding. "Before it was on Facebook to make people" like "brand," he says. "Now, about getting people to take social action enabled by the brand." For example, if a consumer posts an update on a career that has just taken, this is a great opportunity for Nike. "If your career is driven by Nike, Adidas still could take," says Berkowitz, "but Adidas will have to find something else that is social about your brand to become part of history."

What We Have To Do

Now we have to think about Facebook marketing as story telling, which is really not a novelty, as Facebook introduced earlier this year the “Sponsored Stories” ad unit. Moreover, consumers will have the possibility of being more selective about their interests and whoever applies the best practice will reap the best benefits.

These changes will absolutely require new thinking from marketers who have simply tried to accumulate as many fans and “Likes” as possible. The “Like” as I mentioned earlier is a little less relevant now, and for that reason marketers will have to work harder to earn their place in news feeds. Firstly, you have to build your Facebook EdgeRank between your page and your fans (please consider reading the guide to Facebook SEO an article that I’ve written). Secondly, your contents are going to need to be amazing, and it is now more important to deliver something value to your fans or you might just lose everything.


I think Facebook did very well and it is a place to live better, despite the changes that have an effect contrary to us as sellers Facebook. However, it is a sign to work harder in order to successfully reach the traffic from Facebook. Perhaps this was the response from Facebook for people who thought that getting traffic from Facebook was easy to get.

Now, what do you think about Facebook's changes? let us know writing a comment.


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