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Russian Hacker Made $3,000,000

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, September 29, 2011 to recent reports from the media, has recently discovered how one of the reach of online criminals left. A man about 20 years, somewhere in the Russian Federation, which is used a lot of criminal tools help you make money, which resulted in the attack on more than 90 countries and the theft of $ 3.2 million in just six months.
Security experts believe that soldiers used a network of money mules, and had an accomplice allegedly residing in the United States. In total, since January this year, the hacker has been pocketing $ 17,000 per day. This is what threatens Kharouni Loucif researcher noted in his research, which describes the antics of some Russian hacker known online as a soldier. The hacker used SpyEye and binaries of Zeus and blackhat SEO on their illegal activity on the Internet. That supposedly traded in traffic with a number of other online hackers, using different malware to get money from various accounts (most of them located in the U.S.) and steal security credentials. The most interesting part of this story is that not only attachments unreliable ordinary people who had been beaten by malware - we're talking high-security organizations and U.S. corporations are among the hardest hit.

However, the hacker has managed more than 25,000 infected systems from April to June, which may look good for Microsoft's attempt at making users to upgrade, as most of the victims using Windows XP on their computers. However, around 4,500 machines Windows 7 also took the hit, according to the results of the study. The investigation remains open, with experts trying to find out how they would notify the victims.


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