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Flooding of a website with denial of service attack

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is a denial of service?
A denial of service attack (DOS) is an attack whereby a person can make a system unusable or significantly slow down the system for legitimate users by overloading of resources, so that nobody can access it.
If an attacker is able to access a machine, the attacker probably just crash the machine to perform a denial of service attack, in one of the most widely used method to hack website

Types of DoS attacks

There are several general categories attacks.Popularly denial of service, attacks are divided into three classes:

attacks bandwidth,
protocol attacks
logic attacks

What is Distributed Denial of Service?

In the DDOS attack, the attacker launches the attack with multiple machines. In this case, an attacker breaks into several machines, or in coordination with several zombies to launch an attack against a target or network at the same time.
This makes it difficult to detect because attacks originate from multiple IP addresses.If a single IP address is attacking a company, can block that address on your firewall. In the case of 30,000 that is extremely difficult.

Damage caused by denial of service attack:

In recent years denial of service attacks has caused lot of damage, many have been victims of this attack
Its Real, The February 6, 2000, Yahoo portal was closed for three hours. Then retailer Inc. (BUYX) was beaten the next day, hours after the IPO. In the afternoon, eBay (EBAY), (AMZN) and CNN (TWX) was obscured. And in the morning, the chaos continued with the online broker E * Trade (EGRP) and others that have the traffic to their sites almost drowned.

This attack also recently hit Twitter, August 6, 2009, many people had trouble logging on Twitter, was felled by denial of service attack, got tired there server so nobody can get in the record it.Websites Facebook, ebay etc. have also been victim of this attack.

Now I'll show you how to flood a website with denial of service attack. For this tutorial we will use one of the most effective and least known tools called "ion cannon Low Earth Orbit" created by anonymous members of, this program is one of the best DDoS'ing, and I have used successfully to DDoS websites. An Internet connection is as bad as mine (2500 kb / s) was able to maintain a site for a day with this program running. Remember that this tool works best with high-speed Internet, and try not to go for impossible targets (like Google, MySpace, Yahoo). LOIC is used on one computer, but with friends is enough to give sites a lot of downtime.

Requirements: Download LOIC (Cannon in the orbit of ions). Open LOIC.
(I'm not giving a download link, because then I will be accused of leaving hackers, try popping).

Step 1: Enter the destination URL in the URL box.

Step 2: Click on the padlock.

Step 3: Change the threads of 9001 for maximum efficiency.

Step 4: "Imma Firin MAH LAZAR" Click the big button

Feel free to modify a bit with these settings and play around with the program to get the best performance. Then minimize and go do what you have to do, the program will do the rest!


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