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The first priority of hackers

Posted by VdoCity Monday, September 19, 2011

If you are a user of Android, which could be or could be the next victim of hackers, according to a report from McAfee, Google Android has become the number 1 target for hackers, McAfee's report also says that hacktivists recent attacks by security Lulzsec Anonymous and helped in driving a massive increase in online attacks.
According to the report of the threat of why Google Android is the number one destination, because Google does not control the distribution of assets of mobile applications. As a result of which Android users are falling victim to massive malware attacks.

What kind of malware is being distributed?

According to McAfee report, malware Android takes over the identity of the user of Android, resulting in an identity theft attack, once the malware has been installed, the hacker has full access to any information including personal data, the GPS records and support and billing code information.

According to Dave Marcus, McAfee Security Labs Director:

"Not a malware to end on Android phones coming out of China and is being used to steal the identity of users of Android, once hackers take control of an Android device, have access to any information on the inclusion of personal data, GPS and supporting records and billing code information. "

In my opinion the reason why Android is targeted more is because most Android users will not bother to use any antivirus at all, or if you use it, do not update it. As the reason of which it becomes fairly easy for hackers to promote and distribute malware, do not think there is zero days is used, a simple Trojan horse is used with a little bit of code obfuscation to evade antivirus.

How I can protect my self of malware for Android?

It is very easy to install a good antivirus and update it regularly, new malware coming every day, so you must make sure your antivirus is updated, and prevent the download of any mobile application of confidence you are not sure. It would be nice if you could do a little research on google before installing any application from Google.


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