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Facebook cheaters

Posted by VdoCity Wednesday, September 21, 2011 CHEATERS Already in April 2010 found a very inappropriate conversation between my ex-wife and pull it. I took it hard, but never met and acted on anything. That's when I realized I should get into counseling to get to the root of the problem. What was and is so typical was that I was not giving him enough attention. I've been working on it and everything has improved on many levels.

Before, when he made the discovery I realized that I had earlier talks, but could not access them. I asked him what was said and whether it was worse than what we had read. She refused and told me he saw the worst of it. The other night I somehow found the talks and were 10 times worse than previously discovered. Although it has been over and done with it brought me back and it hurts more now than it was before. I could not believe the things he said, it was a straight knife in my heart. I know we can overcome it, but it is difficult and still use Facebook to today. I think maybe some rules must be set in place, I do not think I can go through this again.

No I have a Facebook account because of the dangers. I know the temptation is too great to talk to ex-girlfriends and any other person, so I prefer to avoid a situation. I am so surprised that she would become a victim of it. And do not blame Facebook, users fault. Only men too easy for some and is a big problem.


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