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Internet video threats

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A 18-year-old South Auckland man has been charged after threatening the government on YouTube.

The threats, which were made in a video posted on social networking site, including claims that the explosives had been hidden in the buildings of the New Zealand government.

He also said the government websites and the media cut.

5:52 PM Tuesday Sep 20, 2011
An Auckland teenager who made internet videos claiming that explosives had been hidden in New Zealand Government buildings has been charged by police. File photo / Mark Mitchell

Police believe the threats were an apparent protest against copyright (Violation of File Sharing) Amendment Act.

Acting Detective Inspector Pete Jones Counties Manukau police said was based on the experience of the National Cyber ​​Crime Centre (CN3) and the Electronic Crime Laboratory to locate the man.

"Such threats are taken very seriously by the police and the investigation proves the police have the experience and resources to track those who make such threats on the Internet."

The man must appear in the Manukau District Court tomorrow.


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