Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Pandora's box is open. In a joint action between LulzSec and anonymous, as part of Operation Antisec, were released documents, photos, audio and video files, the exposure of what was one of the biggest corruption scandals in recent history in Brazil . In 2008, after four years of research, Satiagraha operation resulted in the arrest of several bankers, financial managers and investors, accused of corruption, embezzlement and money laundering. Antisec Hackers released a cache of government cover-up evidence that indicates a corruption investigation involving the CIA, theBrazilian telecommunications industry, and several U.S. corporations.

The fact is that the exposure of the powerful to many in both political and financial areas, Operation Satiagraha was manipulated over time. Those who carried out the research were removed and habeas corpus is granted to the accused ... A month ago, the final decision was to repeal all of the processes and the annulment of the evidence relating to Operation Satiagraha. The evidence that proved the crimes were considered "illegal" by the Brazilian courts, and has been achieved with the help of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, ABIN, through wiretapping.

Satiagraha was the term used by Indian pacifist Mahatma Gandhi during his campaign for Indian independence. In Sanskrit, Satia means "truth" agraha means "with firmness." So Satiagraha is "firmly in the truth" or "bulwark of truth". Satiagraha means the principle of non-aggression, or a non-violent protest as a form of revolution. Satiagraha also translated as "the way of truth" or "the pursuit of truth."

Hackers Antisec anonymous says: "We are not government or parties. We stand for freedom, andinformation people. We are releasing the information out, so that the people inthe ear and see corruption in his government. We are introducing themto bring power to the voice the people of Brazil. We are launching the toend corruption that exists, and actually do those being oppressedfree.We are anonymous. We are Legion. We will not forget. We do not forgive. They expect from us. "

The important files to look at first:
1.) How does the privatization plan
2.) Persons related to the operation
3.) Investors List
. 4) Who has the money Opportunities - U.S. banks

BARCLAYS 5,000,000.00 5,000,000.00
SANTANDER 1,000. 1,000,000.00 000,00
MORGAN SWAP (UNIQ 1,550,000.00 1,550,000.00
MORGAN FUTURES (UNICA) 4,080,853.53 4,080,853.53
DEUTSCHE BANK 508,127.02 508,127.02 NDF
6,303,494.93 6.303.494,93
13,360,555.83 13,360,555.83 UBS FUTURES
DUBLIN 235,336.07 235,336.07 UBS
65,769,898.19 65,769,898.19 Brown Brothers Harriman
GOLDMAN SACHS and, INC. 1,252,112.88 1,252,112.88
UBS (UNICA) 7,552,995.03 7,552,995.03
Brown Brothers Harriman (522.49) (522.49)
Brown Brothers (EURO) 1,160,818.86 1,160,818.86

. 5) NAJI milion euros talking about 50, his connections with the King of Saudi Arabia, page 5 in the report:
6. ) Proof of participation of BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank)
7.) Document of the New York Supreme Court on Brasil Telecom
http:/ /
Report 8.) Dantas success being contacted by a journalist, and accelerate an article in favor of good to be written by means of bribery


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