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Posted by VdoCity Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, again

What did they do this time? Ah, install some cookies that track your browsing history altogether. Well, more or less.

The problem was, and indeed still is, this: Facebook has more cookies that the report of its Facebook ID to the site or otherwise can be used to track, even if disconnected. This in itself is not part of a web tracking device, really - mostly just sites that use Facebook Connect would be sending cookies back to Facebook, which means that the site could be the record of what do.

Wait, you mean the millions of sites use Facebook Connect? Uh-oh.

The most problematic "a_user," has gone to close the session, but it really requires you to log out of Facebook, something that not many people do in their personal computers. The responsible thing, of course, would end the entire cookie, but must be fed Zuckerbeast information that sweet, sweet


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