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iPhones Made From Real Parts

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chinese officials have cracked down on organized crime ring, according to reports, they were making and selling fake iPhone 4gs.
Shanghai police arrested five people on the subject, with information on Shanghai Daily that they were using the parts come from Guangdong in southern China, and that the phones were being manufactured in rented apartments in Shanghai.
Perhaps the most interesting is the claim that these fake iPhones actually includes some original pieces, presumably bought or stolen from one of Apple's manufacturing partners. Not the first time that the official parties had been used by someone other than Apple. An enterprising young white pieces sold iPhone until the Cupertino suit learned of his operation - called budding entrepreneur parts came from one of Apple's partners.

According to the researchers in China, the fake iPhones are almost indistinguishable from their legitimate counterparts, and that the only noticeable difference was the use of the battery life shorter than fake phones.

"It's very difficult for customers to distinguish false from genuine," an official was quoted as saying.

Reuters suggests that the fake iPhones will cost about 2,000 yuan, or $ 313 to do, and they were being sold to unsuspecting punters for about 4,000 yuan. That's only a few hundred yuan less than a real, Apple made iPhone would have cost.

Reuters could not get official statements from Apple, the company that chooses to leave the matter to the police.

Fake iPhones are nothing new, especially in China, but so far have either been poor imitations, or just loosely based on the shape and design iconic iPhone. The change to the use of official parties, obviously, makes detection more difficult, and enhances the value of the finished product.

Apple has had problems recently with other counterfeit goods, including all Apple stores false. As with anything highly desirable, there will always be a market for fake iPhones, iPods and iPads, and authorities can not win the current game of cat and mouse with those willing to risk doing business in counterfeit goods.

It is curious that we see many false window Phone 7 terminals, however, is not it?


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