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iOPK P0sixninja Interview Of The Chronic Dev Team

Posted by VdoCity Monday, September 19, 2011

Today we have for you an interview with the hacker known and P0sixninja iOPK the Chronic Dev Team, the interview consists of three questions to anyone at Apple would like to know, since it knows the whole future of the Chronic Dev Team members!
The Future of Chronic Dev Team: P0sixninja said if you want to make a jailbreak you need money, of course, this is clearly correct "During the first two years we've all paid for yourself, for minimum donations." P0sixninja not now more feasible, he said, "we must invest in our servers that cost say $ 500 a month for a free product that can accommodate more than one million users." following this IOPK said: "It is not making us money, but to cover our expenses,"
And due to the increasing costs that requires jailbreak, was the reason for the creation of revealing chronic safety LLC, announced the MyGreatFest. "But I also wanted to leave something that encourages the talent in the community, to prevent people like comex disappear," says iOPK. And IOPK said something important to say we have to do some jobs for hackers to stay and not go to Apple and then lose them ... P0sixninja also notes that "if we have someone like Stefan Esser in order to be able to hire to find an exploit kernel, not the months of attention to the release date of a jailbreak."
According p0sixninja, Apple has so far been relatively very nicely. "Many of the Apple engineers can appreciate our work, but the administration has a problem with our work." Negative toward the moderate position jailbreak Apple community is still under p0sixninja irony, "to our age and our position is Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs could have done the same."
The composition of the community jailbreak: As we all know, the father of Geohot jailbreak BlackRa1n the hacker behind, LimeRa1n, has left the world purplera1n jailbreak and went to work with Facebook, after this we learned the man behind Comex JailbreakMe tool was hired by Apple, and about two or three days we saw MuscleNerd to Apple, maybe he was in a meeting with Apple ...
And when asked about future P0sixninja Chronic Dev said it is working to find more hackers to add to the team and realized that hackers should not say anything about the Jailbreak program "The hacker community expects the jailbreak is likely to change much in terms of individuals that compose it and the methods used, but still not worry about it.
The development of jailbreaks the future: Yesterday was the conversation P0sixninja MyGreatFest and not hit the stage and said that there will be five new exploits and different user environments, jailbreak is generally easy to perform, but the dependence vulnerabilities that can be easily updated by Apple, is a jailbreak usually of short duration. In the latest versions of JailbreakMe. userland com-jailbreak comex developed by Apple released within 10 days after the release of the jailbreak a new firmware version for this patch.


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