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Facebook Integration into iOS 5

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not exactly a shortage of applications that allow you to be in tune with your favorite social network 24 / 7. Whether you're a Facebooker, Tweeter or erm, a Flickr, lots of official applications and third-party creations that keep you in touch with the world when it is sitting on the desk.

Facebook for iPhone

That said, social networking applications just scratch the surface with regard to integration with Apple's IOS. In addition to notifications, there is no real way to interact with your Facebook friends and Twitter friends without having to go directly to the application itself.

IOS 5 change all that, however, Twitter and confirmed as one of the applications that you will get an increase in the whole system functions - allowing users to tweet, tweets and check retweet without being interrupted too much. But Facebook, the world's largest social network with over 800 million active users? It would certainly be beneficial to all if there is some integration with the IOS, which exceeds the system run-of-the-mill to receive a notification, the opening of the application, which deals with notification and closure application?

Well, while there is nothing official, it seems a strong possibility. Despite the above numbers, such as the planned integration of Facebook to ping the Cupertino company is being scrapped at the last moment, Apple and Facebook could find allies in the other in the common fight against Google.

The image below, which could be a model, shows how proper integration of Facebook can be seen when iOS 5 rears its head in the coming weeks. As you can see, would give Facebook users a handy set of tools to carry out everyday tasks of updating status, location, or send a quick message to a friend.
This fall and subsequent turn of the year is quite critical of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. With a series of updates on the Web site and the timeline (as well as integrating with each music player sales / service known to man), it will be interesting to see how they all are received.

Since his rise to popularity, Facebook has been relatively no response, so that has dominated most commonly used being the social network of all time. Now, however, the ubiquitous Google is trying to have a stab at the title with Google +, and the name of the allied force that has the Facebook site may occur in more than a few problems.


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