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What is social engineering in the field of piracy?

Posted by VdoCity Saturday, September 17, 2011

Social engineering is defined as the process of obtaining passwords or personal information to others by the act of manipulating people rather than by breaking or the use of techniques for cracking techniques. Here I will show you an example of how social engineering works
Example 1

Robert (Hacker) calls Michael and passed by an employee of Google, this is the

Robert: Hi I'm Michael Robert a Google employee

Michael: How's OH?

Robert: I'm fine. I am here to inform you that Google is conducting a security update on all the accounts of Google and therefore need to install the latest values
your account.

Michael: Yes kindly install security updates.

Robert: Thanks for your interest in our security updates require that your account
password to install it.

Michael (the victim) has become a victim of social engineering, which will give out your password to think that the person was talking about was an employee of Google.

Note: The Hacker will create a similar account to the

GoogleUpdate (at)
Securityupdates (at)

Example 2

You can receive an email saying that your computer is infected with the virus and eliminate this virus is to install a tool. The tool does not eliminate the virus from your computer, but will give you access to your computer and all data stored in

Remember: Never give information or security information like passwords. Use passwords that are not nothing to do with your age / date of birth / name / last name, etc. All this can be found easily.


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