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How to learn quickly and easily batch programming

Posted by VdoCity Monday, September 19, 2011

Batch programming is very useful if you want to automate small tasks, batch programming, however, is only restricted to the Windows platform, but has plenty of other uses and the best part is it's very easy compared to other languages programming, while browsing Google for batch programming related e-books I found a fantastic book that teaches programming batch from the beginning to the advanced level, the book is called "batch file programming" and is a very comprehensive books on the batch of programming that I have read.

What are the batch files?

Before you jump in and download this e-book, I'd give a brief introduction of batch scheduling, batch file is basically script DOS batch files can be easily identified by a. Bat.

Batch File Programming can help achieve the following attacks

* DNS poisoning
* Pack flooders
* Dictionary attacks
* Virus Creation
* Disabling of records
Click here to get your hands on this wonderful e-book.


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