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how to hack facebook hotmail yahoo account passwords

Posted by VdoCity Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello readers today I will explain some of the basics of Hacking and tells why they are called exploits the central part of piracy, not knowing the basics can be understood in Hacking, Core means here is the most important part of piracy, so in this tutorial I will put some light on exploits.

What are the deeds?
An exploit is a piece of software for much of the data or error velnurability exploits to cause an unwanted or unexpected problems occurring in the computer

The types of vulnerabilities:
Deeds are of many kinds but the most popular used are as follows:
1.Xss (cross-site scripting)
Injection 2.Sql
4.DDos attack
5.POC attack (connectivity test)

I explaing some of them
XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
Cross-site scripting or XSS is a threat to the security of a website. It is the most common and popular hack a website to access information from a user on a website. There are malicious hackers targeted using this to attack a website on the Internet. But mostly good hackers do this to find security holes to websites and help them find solutions. Cross-site scripting is a security hole in a website that is difficult to detect and stop, making the site vulnerable to attacks from hackers. This security threat to leave the site and its users open to identity theft, robbery and theft of financial data. It would be advantageous for owners of web sites to understand how cross-site scripting and how it may affect them and their users so they can establish the necessary security systems to block cross-site scripting in your web page.

SQL injection:
SQL injection involves inserting SQL code into web forms, for example. login fields, or in the browser's address field to access and manipulate the database behind the site, system or application.
When entering text in the fields username and password of a login screen, input data is usually inserted into an SQL command. This command checks the data you entered in the corresponding table in the database. If your input matches table / row data, you can access (in the case of a login screen). If not, you are beaten out again.

DDos Attack:
A denial of service attack (DOS) is an attack whereby a person can make a system unusable or significantly slow down the system for legitimate users by overloading of resources, so that nobody can access it. This really is not piracy, but a webite is used to capture a website.
If an attacker is able to access a machine, the attacker probably just crash the machine to perform a denial of service attack, in one of the most widely used method to hack website
I wrote a post about how to hack a website with denial of service attack

POC (Proof of Concept)
In computer security the term proof of concept (proof of concept or PoC) is often used as a synonym for a zero day exploit, especially for its early establishment, do not take full advantage of some vulnerability.This was same attack that

This attack was carried out on Twitter, after the micro-blogging site to its users immunized against a fast-moving worm that made them want to send messages when you click a button innocuous-looking, hackers have found a new way of clickjacking exploit the vulnerability.
The latest attack came from the UK based web developer Tom Graham, who discovered that launched Twitter arrangement did not apply to the mobile section of the page. At the moment we come to their findings, the exploit no longer worked. But Rafal's security consultant who sent us a small modification pwned enough that created a dummy account for testing.
The exploit is the ultimate reason to believe that the clickjacking, on Twitter and elsewhere, is here to stay, at least until the HTML specifications are rewritten. No doubt web developers will continue to achieve temporary solutions, but hackers can just as quickly find new ways to exploit the vulnerability, it seems.
This is due to clickjacking attacks fundamental design of HTML. It started to hide the destination URL in a specially designed iframe is hidden by a page that contains buttons lure presentation. Website of almost all browsers and is susceptible to the technique.

According to Wikipedia impersonation in the context of network security, a spoofing attack is a situation in which a person or program successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and thereby obtain an illegitimate advantage.

How to find vulnerabilities:
There are a couple of methods and tools to discover vulnerabilities.


The figure above is referred to as operating software of the scanner, I get mail from readers asking many tell you the easiest way to hack into Facebook accounts, Hotmail and Yahoo, many of these people claim to have lost their passwords, since have been hacked and now we have to get your password today I decided to write a post explaining the ways to hack Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail

This is one of the most popular way to hack facebook, hotmail and yahoo account in this method, the hacker creates a fake page that looks exactly like the original page, when the victim enters their email address or password is saved as a txt file.
I have also published a way to create a fake login page for any site, just about

A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger, keylogger, or your computer monitor is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types in a specific computer keyboard. Keylogger is the easiest way to hack a Facebook account, Hotmail and Yahoo if you have physical access to the victim's computer.

Keylogging related message:
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Gmail has keylogger 3.Hack
4.How to install a remote keylogger
5.How to evade antivirus detection keylogger


It is possible to impersonate a program on a computer with the launch of the windows that look like something else. For example, say you log on to the MSN ® service and visit a website (in this case a hostile website. ) Could this website to display some windows that look like something else. They could look almost identical to windows that an inexperienced user can expect from your local computer. The user can be tricked into sending information to the hostile website. For example, consider the effect to see the following window:


If two people do not share the same computer, but share the same network, it may be possible for one to sniff other packets, as the login. The traffic between the computer and the internet site you are accessing may be able to be recorded and decrypted or "played-back." This is not a simple attack to execute, but is possible if two people are close to each other and share hub. Again, it is likely that this is illegal and do not endorse this activity.


Many people want to find software to perform a brute force attack. This is really handy. It would take hundreds of thousands of years of trying any kind of reasonable brute force attack on the accounts of Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo, and this would increase exponentially if the password is longer than the minimum length. Using multiple computers or multiple sessions could reduce this to only thousands of years. This is totally illegal since these services own the servers that hosts a. Even if you hack your account, you do not own the servers and the service is to monitor and record activity. It is highly unlikely that you can recover a password in this way, but it is very likely that you would be arrested and prosecuted for doing this.
Learn more about the brute force attack

Social engineering:
Social engineering is the name given to the art of attacking the person instead of the computer or system. The basic principle is that many people can talk to someone your ID and password, if they think it is someone you can trust. For example, I could call someone and say I was from AOL and finally I was around to answer your support question. Then you are asked to describe the problem you have and you say we have a solution. However, only needs to verify the account. Can you give me your username and password again? A surprising number of people falling for this scam evident. There is no limit as to how elaborate this can be. The more information given by the caller, more realistic or believable the call. Again, never give your password to anyone. No customer service representative will ask for this information legitimate.

These are the basic methods that are aware of any account hacking for Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo or any other phone or online access scanner Exploit Password is a tool to check if the site is velnurable for attack or simply need entering the url and tell you whether or not the site velnurable.


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