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Posted by VdoCity Sunday, September 25, 2011

“Farmville Secrets” is The Original Farmville strategy guide, widely popular online. If you don’t want to waste your time Googling your way to the answers every day, download this eBook and you can have it all in one place. It also includes free updates, the game changes – guide updates! You’ll learn:
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Farmvile secrets

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I have recently wrote an article on "How to hack facebook",Today i thought to write an article on Hack facebook farmvile .As we all know farmvile is one of the most popular application in facebook,Many of my friends now also became addicted with Farmville,so today i though to write a tutorial on list of best farmvile cheats and hack facebook

And now I am here again giving you some Facebook Farmville Cheat as what I did before with other popular games in facebook and for you to take advantage of the game. But as what I’ve said, its your option to cheat. The following tips might be useful and I guess I did not considered them as a cheat but a tools while playing the said funny game.

List of Farmvile cheats:

Hack Facebook farmvile to speed up harvesting:

facebook farmville

One of the mostly played game in Facebook is Farmville. It is mostly preferred by facebook users because the images are of good quality, pleasant to the eye and navigation is very easy.

Lately, I was bored playing the game because harvesting and planting takes a lot of my time. SoI made an experiment on the farm, thinking of Rchie Rich the famous rich young cartoon character or the Harry Potter movie, the “mazed” field came into my mind. I was thinking to clone their “mazed” yard. After creating the maze, I had a flash of a genius wherein I realized that when you trap your character it will speed up the process. The time when the character is walking from one field to the other is saved.

This really helped me a lot in taking care of my farm and saves a lot of my time. I hope this will also help my Farmville neighbors and everyone who is on the game.

Hack Facebook farmvile to increase your coins:

I've just found a bug on farmville that will give you an unlimited amount of experience points.. but i suggest you hurry as as soon as zynga realise they'll fix it!.. just click on a friends icon and click 'visit/help friends farm' then when your friends farm has loaded it will ask you to click 'accept' to help.. DON'T press accept, instead click on the same friends icon AGAIN and click 'visit/help friend farm' AGAIN.. this will reload the same friends farm.. repeat this process.. what this does is not only reload the friends farm again, it will reload the 'accept help' box again creating a backlog!! when you've done this for maybe 20 times (you can do it as many times as you want!) there will be 20 'accept' boxes waiting for you to press!! each giving you 5exp each time!! REMEMBER use this relaoding process on 1 friends farm at a time.. and only press 'accept' when you have reloaded the desired number of times.. 20 for example.. pluss you get 20 coins EACH time!!

Hack facebook Farmvile and become a master farmer:

Instead of buying animals and trees from the Market Place, you only need to add neighbours and these neighbours can send these items as gift to you for free. But you also need to return back the same by sending one also. And when your animals counter reaches 100% you can now collect eggs, milk, wool and other items which you can sell for coins. Harvest your trees to gain additional coins. When your trees counter also reaches 100% then you can also collect various types of fruits that can also be sell for coins. Make sure also to visit your neighbors regularly and assisting your neighbors will their daily chores will give you a valuable experience points and coins.


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