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Posted by VdoCity Thursday, September 29, 2011

Police have raided the home of an uncle who is allegedly a member of a group of LulzSec throughout the known world of hacking. The man is accused of participating in a cyber attack from Sony Pictures.
Cody Kretsinger, 23, was arrested at his home in Arizona and is now charged with conspiracy and illegal deterioration in a PC protected from cyber attacks that took place this spring and summer.

Reuters managed to take a look at the 9-page indictment, which says Kretsinger, along with his co-conspirators, is suspected of using a SQL injection attack in the service to access the Sony servers.

The boy, who went by the handle "resources", has released data revealing that he and his fellow notches Sony Pictures on the site of the group of hackers. The attack itself was announced by the LulzSec Twitter account.

The company is still trying to assess the level of damage suffered by pirates during the attack. Meanwhile, hacktivists have posted personal information such as names, birth dates, addresses, emails, phone numbers and passwords of many users who had entered competitions Sony was promoting at the time, even though the information was a slightly higher.

LulzSec said just take one shot for the company's Web site to fall over and so you can get their claws into everything. In addition, the hackers said that thousands of people have put their faith in the organization that is allowed to be vulnerable to elemental attacks. The intrusion happened most popular high-profile raid by 77 million PlayStation Network accounts.

So far, Kretsinger made an initial appearance in court in Arizona and was rescued by U.S. Federal Judge, who set a condition for release: Cody Kretsinger was banned from traveling to any state except Arizona, California and Illinois, or use a computer to access the web. The only exception was made for a computer in their workplace.

Experts believe that Kretsinger faces a maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison if the time sentence. Meanwhile, prosecutors are asking that he move to Los Angeles, where the target computer system, because the crime took place and the lawsuit against Kretsinger has been presented there.


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