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The solution blocks of the new generation of sophisticated attacks that target multiple layers of IT infrastructure. The current security tools at the point of IT infrastructures are not sufficient to protect against the new wave of sophisticated cyber attacks. That's why Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of application management and security solutions for virtual applications and data cloud centers, today announced attack mitigation Radware System (AMS), the industry's first fully integrated IT security strategy and portfolio that protects the real-time application infrastructure against network and application downtime, the exploitation of application vulnerabilities, the spread of malware, data theft, service attacks and Web site defacement.

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Currently available, AMS, Radware provides the most comprehensive solution to address the vulnerability of various campaigns - today sophisticated-grabbing title cyber attacks is aimed to probe the weak points and attack with parallel attacks on the infrastructure . These attacks are difficult to defend against because they are aimed at different levels in the IT architecture, particularly against network infrastructure equipment, servers and applications. Examples of multi-vulnerability attacks are high-volume distributed denial of service (DDoS) and "low and slow" sneak attacks, network attacks and application-based, all of which struck simultaneously at several points weakness in the nets, while emulating the behavior of the legitimate user to make them more difficult to identify and block.
"The breakthrough in the new threats has been the level of adaptation and selection - these are not noisy spikes that are easily handled by simple methods, safety depends on the firm, targeted attacks designed to achieve a specific impact against certain companies, and have. three main objectives: Denial of service - Interruption of business operations, theft of service - Obtain use of commercial product or service without paying for it, and the commitment of the information - Steal, destroy or modify critical business information, "said John Pescatore analyst VP of Gartner, Inc. "Enterprises should focus on reducing vulnerability and increasing surveillance capabilities to deter or respond more quickly to evolving threats, and not focus on what country of the attacks are coming."
Organizations often respond to these attacks with separate patches and tools for protection, such as anti-DoS, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), Web application firewall (WAF), network behavior analysis (NBA), the engines of reputation and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. Radware AMS consolidates these multiple attack detection mitigation technologies, such as signature detection and network and application behavior analysis (NABA), to handle malicious application traffic through application level challenge / response techniques. This gives security administrators the ability to identify robots that mimic real transactions and block user application in real time, avoiding the need based on the type of protection that would bring down the legitimate users, along with the attack traffic.
"Most security solutions today are designed and implemented as point solutions. That's the problem - do not see the big picture," said Avi Chesler, technical director of Radware. "Therefore, it can make the necessary context of the evaluation based on safety, leaving the network exposed to the current campaigns multi-vulnerability attack.
"Most vendors specialize in only the players in a solution of providing only primary -.. WAF, IPS, DoS protection, or network behavior analysis Other offer 'light' version to incorporate add-ons additional defenses solution have begun offering the best in class technology for all these security modules in a holistic, comprehensive solution on the entire range of current security landscape changing threats. The recent attacks cyber demonstrate that companies need to plan for the worst, and that forces you to plan the use of AMS Radware solution, "said Chesler.
The ultimate impact of the attacks of multiple vulnerabilities in companies can be staggering, resulting in fraud, identity theft deformation, leakage of confidential information of the company, as seen in many cases over the past year, a total closure of operations. However, hackers evolve in complexity, so too must evolve their security managers thought. Radware AMS can lead to transformational change in the way industry approaches security of today's IT-based tools to respond to a holistic approach that integrates the tools and strategies in real time, proactive solution, attack mitigation .
Designed for online businesses, corporations, companies, data centers and managed service providers, AMS is based Radware Radware's award winning DefensePro ® Network Security Appliance, AppWall ® Web Application Firewall and Vision APSolute ® application and board network security management.
Radware supplements these capabilities by adding the human factor - professional security consultants of its Emergency Response Team (ERT), which are available throughout the day. As a literal "first responder" to cyber attacks, ERT members Radware obtained extensive experience in successfully address some of the most remarkable episodes of the piracy industry, providing the knowledge and expertise to mitigate the type of attack team a security company have never managed.
Global Marketing Campaign
In support of this announcement, Radware launches new company blog, which features views of experts in not only safety but also the delivery of mobile data applications, virtualization, questions of service providers and number of other IT topics. The company is also implementing a global marketing campaign and advertising to educate end users about how they should be fully prepared to meet today's multiple vulnerabilities and attacks to take an offensive stance. The campaign includes a Flash game and contest designed to give players a fun way to learn about the capabilities of Radware attack mitigation system, while they understand and cost-effective distributed attacks neutralize today. The game, "Race threat Radware AMS", ie until mid-October and offers contestants the chance to win $ 5,000. For more information and access to games, please visit:
For more information about AMS, Radware, go to:


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