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Posted by VdoCity Thursday, September 29, 2011 world's most popular social networking service Facebook made an announcement in which he has denied previous claims said it is following closely the activities of their users and data from a cookie indestructible, even after users have left the website.
It was an Australian expert called insecurity Nik Cubrilovic, who recently exposed for using Facebook cookies to control users having logged off the social network. This statement caused much concern to Facebook users and industry experts. In fact, the issue was important enough for concern - few people will be happy to know that your sensitive information is recorded and then be given or sold to anyone. Meanwhile, the media rushed to release the response from Facebook made in regard to this accusation. According to the newspapers, Gregg Stefancik Facebook engineer confirmed that the social networking service changes cookies when users of Facebook the session, but not eliminate them. As an excuse, Facebook representative explained that it was only as a security measure. He also said the company never used cookies to monitor the behavior of their users or, God forbids, sell your confidential information.

Facebook also quick to issue a written statement, which denied that track their users through Internet. They insist that only use cookies to personalize the material, and are used to maintain and improve Facebook's actions, such as measuring the click-through rates. They are also very useful for keeping children try to register under a different age. Closing the session cookies can also be used to identify spammers and phishers, and are useful in detecting attempted an unauthorized computer access to your account.

Of course, none of the social network data received when the user sees a social plug-in can be used to target advertising. It also removes the content or anonymous for three months. Facebook said that that information is never sold or given to anyone.

However, there are signs that Facebook is getting out of hand. For example, last week that showed new third-party applications can be shared automatically every action you take, like all the songs you hear, every article you read and all the videos you see.


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