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Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple IPhone 4S could be their latest smartphone all-singing and dancing, and could be made of glass and metal nice place, but according to the latest disassembly report 4S Apple iPhone costs $ 196 just to produce .

This puts the iPhone 4S only $ 0.49 more than its bigger brother, the iPhone 4, despite the latest sports model A5 dual core CPU, a much more well spec'ed 8 megapixel camera, and a CDMA chip / GSM.
According to figures from iSuppli IHS, and we will not argue with them, the 16 GB iPhone costs only $ 196 4S in manufacturing, while the 32 GB running at $ 215 and 64GB $ 254. That's a considerable profit margin taking into account the prices of contracts outside the office.

The three models are identical 4S iPhone, as you can imagine, apart from differences in the chips needed to add the extra storage to 32GB and 64GB models. This means that Apple can build the same phone and add different memory modules, a benefit also helped by the fact that the iPhone 4S now comes with a chip CDMA / GSM antenna. With iPhone 4, Apple needs to produce two different models to provide hardware for use in the two different wireless technologies.

Huge Apple purchasing power will also be a factor in the low manufacturing cost. When you are buying the components of the many that Apple, which tend to be able to reach good agreements with suppliers. Interestingly, the three iPhones cost of only $ 8 to manufacture, and the box the whole thing in racing is $ 7. The cheapest of components? That will be the battery. Maybe it does not last long after?
It is worth noting that these prices are only for the hardware, ie, no consideration has been taken as the software costs and the granting of any required license.

A new business that comes with the iPhone 4S is Hynix, which according to IHS providers are now the NAND memory used in Apple phones. Given the memory is one of the most, if not the most expensive involved in making an iPhone, Hynix should be glad I got on the train effective the Apple iPhone.


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