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Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011

McAfee, the dress of insecurity throughout the known world, which was bought by giant Intel chips, just lost a couple of key employees. Meanwhile, the company expects to introduce a new generation of security products in the near future.

George Kurtz, chief technology officer worldwide, known for helping bring the McAfee product strategy, it will leave the company in late October. However, it is the first key staff leave the company: Vice President Dmitri Alperovitch, a researcher with the threat of prestige known for his work in McAfee that helped give the team a reputation for conducting cutting-edge research on piracy, has already slipped out the back door. Surprisingly, few realized their movement, as the media was not observed at all the case.

Dmitri Alperovitch led a research team announced a series of high profile case studies on the Chinese government hackers backup. It is also world famous for coining the term "Operation Dawn" to describe suspected Chinese hackers attacks by intruders in the largest search engine Google and many other organizations.

Alperovitch was mentioned recently in the press when his team discovered the "Operation ShadyRAT" - one of the largest cyber attacks worldwide, causing infiltration of networks of seventy-two teams, including the governments of United Nations and numerous companies worldwide. However, Alperovitch said newspapers will do a little work of McAfee as a consultant.

Industry observers note only the lack of two key figures in the company when not on the list of speakers at the annual conference of the McAfee Security. Rumors are that the two went because they were not happy with Intel's participation in China. The suit of insecurity is present in China, but Intel has a much larger production and market presence there. ShadyRAT operation pointing to the country that have caused some problems for the company. Therefore, it seems that it never openly said Alperovitch to China for some cases of cyber espionage, which may have more to do with Intel Alperovitch really meant.

The company announced that the two key positions have been filled internally. Alperovitch was replaced by David Marcus, security research manager for McAfee Labs, and the place is filled by George Kurtz Stuart McClure.


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