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Biography of Steve Jobs to become best-seller of the Year

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steve Jobs: A Biography of Walter Isaacson went on sale yesterday and is, according to one report, destined to become the best selling book of the year.

The news comes from Reuters - an international news agency of trust - in the form of a recently published report, citing a phrase from an Amazon representative, which states that the biography of the way Steve Jobs is currently selling, it could " very likely "to become the best selling online bookstore in 2011.

From Reuters:

"The way things are trending, which could be very likely that our top-seller of the year," said Amazon spokesman Britain Turner in a statement.

For the work started, Steve: A Biography is an authorized biography written by Walter Isaacson in the life of Steve Jobs. The book is based on more than forty interviews conducted by Isaacson Steve Jobs and "over" a hundred interviews with Jobs's family, friends, employees, competitors and adversaries in a period of two years.

The book was not so exaggerated until the world awoke to the news of the death of Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011. Since then, demand has skyrocketed biography. According to an estimate (made on October 6), pre-orders for the ledger of 53.555%. The book was originally scheduled for launch in late November, but was raised in an October 24 statement, which was yesterday.

We have learned a surprising number of new things about Steve Jobs' biography. In a post published on October 21, talked about how Steve Jobs said nothing to destroy Android, "because it is a stolen product." Another report revealed that Jobs had "finally broken" the idea of ​​an integrated TV (think: a high-definition screen with Apple TV media receiver integrated), which very well could synchronize with other devices and to provide icloud experience best possible home-entertainment.

Sony is already in talks with publishers of the biography of Steve Jobs to acquire the rights to function for him. Sony Pictures, in case you do not know, is the studio behind the acclaimed social network (related to the rise of Facebook as a social networking giant) that is based on a book called The Accidental Billionaires. If the registration of Sony Pictures, the track is anything to go by, his film of Steve Jobs, it would certainly be something to see.


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