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How to Use Siri on iPhone 4S

Posted by VdoCity Sunday, October 23, 2011
Learning to use Siri, who is the new artificial intelligence assistant comes with new iPhones. Siri is an application for iPhone that allows powerful ask questions in a normal way, the conversation and receive immediate answers from your phone. This is not your grandparents voice control program where you need to memorize very specific phrases to get information. You can ask the same question in a variety of forms (examples below) and Siri answer your question regardless. Siri can also remember things like who is texting / e-mail or they were looking for a restaurant and incorporate this information in the responses. Follow the instructions below to start using Siri.

You will need:

iPhone 4 or later
Internet connection (wireless or carrier signal)


Physically hold the "Start" to open Siri.
Siri Once opened, a question or ask Siri to perform a task, such as email or text messages.
If you asked Siri to do something like email or text, Siri will show you a draft of the proposed message before sending it. To send the message, press the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and says "send".

Siri uses are almost endless, as are the number of ways you can ask questions or answers. Examples of some of the most common are:
Text messaging

"The text that Steve will meet you at the gym"

"Send a text to Jenny," [Siri respond with "Ok, I can send a message to Jenny, what would you say? "]," Where's my money "


"Is it going to rain today"

"What is the time for this weekend?"


"Mom-mail: Looking forward to seeing you this weekend"

"Send an email to Jake" [Siri respond with "Ok, I can send an email to Jake, what do you mean?'];?" We are still in the night "

Maps / Directions

"Where is the nearest McDonald's?"

"How I can get home?"

General Information

"Where is the nearest ATM"

"Is there any good Mexican restaurant nearby?"

Other examples of things you can do include Siri configurable alarms / timers, setting meetings, checking stock prices, and playing music. For more examples of what you can do, ask Siri "What can you do?" For a full menu of example sentences.


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