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iOS 5 VS iOS 4

Posted by VdoCity Wednesday, October 26, 2011

iOS 4 VS iOS 5 :- When Apple launched its latest and most iOS changed two weeks ago, brings up the version number 5.0, there was little or no doubt that the update would be considerable. If there is one thing the eco-system has over your competition iOS Android is the fact that users tend to upgrade their phones and tablets to the latest version of IOS.

With more than 25 million users are already taking in the delights of IOS 5 over a wide range of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, just what we can expect to earn more than its previous version, iOS 4?

Along with Apple has been selling marquee as the Center Notification of new design and improved camera operation - not to mention icloud, of course - some lesser known changes also took place under the hood.

One such change is a significant increase in the speed of web browsing - in fact, now pages load more than twice as fast using iOS 5 that running his predecessor, IOS 4.

This statistic is courtesy of the New Relic, which ran from side to side in 3000 testing web applications with Safari 5.1, 5 and 5.0 iOS iOS Safari 4. Unfortunately, however, New Relic has not told us that the device is used for testing, but we figured it was an iPod iPhone 4 or equivalent, judging by the graphics that have been released.

That graphics (included above for your viewing pleasure) shows that, on average, the pages are loaded in 9.6 seconds with IOS 4, but the same pages take only 4.1 seconds when running the latest version of IOS - iOS 5 .

Apple has always been quite proud of the rendering engine built into Safari Mobile, and tends to be one of the areas in which Apple spent some time with each new version of IOS.

With the iPhone Apple 4S hitting shelves recently so, these statistics show that even those not wishing to upgrade will result in an increase in the performance of the web just by updating their software. You really can not beat a free speed increase now, right?


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