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London Stock Exchange people appealing

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011

The woman, who was not a Muslim is supposed obviously refers to Islamic banking. But if the Muslim countries and Islamic banking industry is increasing or even able to meet the challenge, being a moot point.

Wall Street, New York protests became revolution. The protest, which began in New York outside New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street, has increased in the cities of the United States, and now there are reports that the protests are the same type on the London Stock Exchange as well. (I myself have seen some of these in London)

When the financial crisis nearly caused the U.S. economy to cast four years ago, the crisis had already just reached its tipping point. Most Americans are trying to hold on with their lives, paying their utility bills, subject to their jobs or find new employment.

Occupy Wall Street movement began as a mild protest in the financial district by young protesters opposed to the greed of Wall Street investors. The movement includes all kinds of ideas and issues that protestors are objecting, but mainly illustrates the need for a system of checks and balances that the ancestors of the U.S. fitness with the Constitution / Law

Finance Minister Frieden, speaking at a financial forum stated: "Europe does much to learn from Islamic finance through its principles of financial cooperation between the creditor and debtor. The provisions against speculation and gambling is prohibited in Islamic finance is what we focus on. The elements of the ethical principles should not be limited to Islamic finance alone, "he said. Corporate participants were equally disappointing in their perception of the industry's role Islamic finance can contribute to employment generation.

But for me, Islam is not just a religion, is a lifestyle and a methodology for life in this world.


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