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iphone 4s features

Posted by VdoCity Sunday, October 23, 2011

here are certain things in the "Land Nerd" that make my husband dizzying: the launch of a new Call of Duty Xbox, a Star Wars parody well done or an announcement of a new product or update from Apple.

That is what they refer to love as an Apple fan-boy. The launch of the new iPhone 4s led to a debate almost instantly how soon they could get, waiting in line at the store or pre-order? Meanwhile, I shook my head and wondered, is it really so different from the iPhone 4?

Many people hope that Apple will release an iPhone 5. Apparently, the method behind the names of Apple phone is that the sheer number of updates are reserved for a more revolutionary design update, usually involve a significant change in the way the phone looks and works.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S looks identical to the iPhone's 4 and still only capable of operating at 3G speeds, can not take advantage of 4G speeds and better access to data available in big cities. However, when all is said and done there are some great performance upgrades on the phone.

It is twice faster than the iPhone 4, what programs launch faster. The graphics chip is seven times faster than before, allowing you to play games that look as good as an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. My favorite "upgrade" is that the iPhones are now available through all major carriers (AT & T, Verizon and Sprint), but technically it is not specific to the iPhone 4s.

Most of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 4s Siri is about the new tool integrated voice recognition. Allows you to be more conversational in what you ask or tell your phone to do.

For example, you can ask the time in Portland and you know an application launch time with the weekly forecast of Portland. If you then ask, "Is there any good Italian restaurant?" you pull a list of Italian restaurants in Portland, ordered by their rating sites like Yelp.

Promises that you can talk normally, such as: "Tell my wife I'm on my way" and Siri will determine which applications to use and who you're talking about. We know where you live, where you work, and determine where you are using the GPS. It is more intuitive than traditional speech recognition, although I have to say that listening to my husband try to have a phone conversation with her makes me laugh.

Another interesting feature is that the iPhone now supports 4s Airplay, so that air may show what is on your phone to your TV or monitor (with the addition of an Apple TV to your home theater can recognize the input) . This may be ideal for watching movies, showing photos taken with better camera, or even play a few rounds of Angry Birds Rio on the big screen. Speaking of the camera, which now has 8 megapixels and is easy to get, so do not miss the shot, while you fumble with unlocking your phone and search for the camera application. It records video in 1080p (high resolution) and a new stabilization feature takes a little shaky out of their videos.

Finally, the phone comes pre-loaded with Apple's new mobile operating system, IOS5. While users of older iPhones can install the new operating system and access to many new features, such as fresh application Find My Friends, icloud auto synchronization, and improved reporting options the calendar, which will have a strong discharge and can not work well on older models. While it is a great phone, I would not rush to upgrade your iPhone 4. If you have a previous version and the upgrade is due to luck!


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