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Posted by VdoCity Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple launched its iPhone 4S prices unlocked and we have derived based on prices that could cost in Pakistan

So from November when the unlocked iPhone will be released 4S, Pakistani rupee prices will be (FX rate $ 1 = PKR 90)
4S iPhone 16 GB - PKR - 58410

32 GB iPhone 4S - PKR - 67410

64 GB iPhone 4S - PKR - 76410

Add an average of 8% Sales Tax The buyer has to pay in the U.S.

what prices are now - 63,000, 72,800, 82,500, respectively.

Add margin of at least 15% by importers and transportation costs so that the market price should be

4S iPhone 16 GB - PKR - 72500

32 GB iPhone 4S - PKR - 83700

64 GB iPhone 4S - PKR - 87900

This speculation is based on exchange rates remain stagnant. The lowest price can reach as some dealers may get a better price for renovated and "alternatively acquired" or sets of cost reduction with the bulk import.

So they are willing to pay so much for iPhone4S or stick with the iPhone 4 features a little less. Let us know in the comments.


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