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Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011

The iPhone is a brilliant smartphone that works well, and have been followers of the firm since 2007, when it all started for Apple and its line of smartphones. Smartphones are the future and we love all platforms, as they all have their good points, but we are about to burst the bubble happy and fall on the new iPhone 4S voice assistant Siri.

We have titled this article with hands "iPhone 4S fun Siri is a joke and trick" for a reason, and good at it, this is a personal view of what we think of Siri.

We received our 4S iPhone a week ago and was impressed with her and still are, camera and video recording is awesome, love of other features such as creating LED flash light starts blinking when you get a text or call IMessage icloud and are very good (despite the much delayed icloud devices), but let's focus on the new voice of assistant Siri.

When we got the iPhone 4S have to admit that Siri was the first film we wanted to play, it sounds a bit sordid, but on the contrary. We were excited and gave Mr. Siri once over, yes he's a guy if you live in the UK. It's really useful if you want to text people, respond to texts, reading the text, set reminders and alarms, take notes, even, so good so far.

I like asking questions like "I need an umbrella today," Siri responds "No brand is not going to rain today," Siri ask the time and he answers, ask Siri on stocks and to display the latest report actions etc, all good so far.

Ask to play, stop, forward, etc music, it does well, it makes it much, but here is where the funny / joke / trick comes into play.

At first it was funny and very smart indeed as Siri responds to you, but now we're bored with Siri.

Phones Review Why is boring?

Siri takes longer to do the work yourself, ask her the time is meaningless, since you can just press the start button and search, I invite you to listen to music means to hold down the start button and then asked him to play music simply press the home button twice to lock screen and then simply press the play button.

Ask what the weather, what is the point that there are applications for that, even. Built in a Just find it boring and time consuming, we are not counting on Siri yet, because it is still in its early stages of testing in the United Kingdom. At the moment Siri could not ask for directions, you can ask Siri to find business addresses for you, you can not give direct instructions to send tweets Siri Siri, which is stupid considering iOS 5 has deep integration with Twitter . However, you can set this via text message that lets you ask Siri to send a text message to Twitter.

Why is fun and a trick then?

Well, check out our screenshots below, we ask Siri to tell us a joke, he replied: "Two iPhones went into a bar ... I forget the rest," he asked again to tell us a joke and said, "I can 't, I always forget the joke."

Siri even asked to sing a song, he said, "Daisy, Daisy, give me your response of love to do," he cried when he told us toc-toc of Syria, and his response was "Knock Knock. Who's there? Marcos . Marca, what? Make no knock-knock jokes do. " Check out the screenshots below.

Sorry to be the Grim Reaper, but I really think the new iPhone 4S Siri is so fun and a joke and trick. It will probably be much better after a period of time, but for now accustomed Siri is not because we're bored.

Siri Sorry, maybe we can refresh our relationship at a later date.


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