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Siri would let anyone bypass your iPhone

Posted by VdoCity Saturday, October 22, 2011

IPhone feature voice control has been around for quite some time in the IOS. If you've ever used an access code on your lockscreen protection, you should be familiar to disable voice dialing from the configuration, otherwise anyone can call anyone you like.
GSMArena 001 Siri want anyone to bypass password lockscreen iPhone unless you modify the configuration

Well, get on the iPhone much more capable Siri 4S. Guess what, it would work your LockScreen by default, even if you set a password for your iPhone 4S. You can imagine how someone who has access to your locked phone can perform all these tasks have been smart in demonstrations as extract any information about you, your system and may even want to call anyone. Oh!

In this case, see our reader Weng Chin showing the effect of this problem might have (we take it from 1:00 a):


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