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Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011
The unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, former succumbed to pancreatic cancer two weeks ago has led to an inevitable increase in interest in his first (and only) official biography prepared by Walter Isaacson.
With the release date being pushed forward, sales are expected to be large, and indeed would be a fitting tribute if they were wise sales competition with the iPhone 4S - the latter protects the legacy of Jobs.

In fact, the level of anticipation - Sony has gotten ready to seal the film rights - is comparable to that of an iPhone or iPad news, up to smugglers in China's real fake Keepin 'leak and extracts before the release date. Sound familiar?

The relationship of the leak Jobs vision with Jony Ive, head of the company's product design fruit, whom he described as his "spiritual partner" with "power to operate more" Apple that no one but himself.

In fact, Apple is set so that the design is the focal point, so the internal loyalty Employment and Ive always been central to that. One suspects that if Apple is to keep the design style and innovation post-Jobs, Ive have to be central to this. The ideal work style to keep things thinner, lighter and slippery must be maintained if the Cupertino company is to keep your gravy train in the passages of the book interesting right track.Other include the wrath of Jobs to Eric Schmidt Google and HTC released after a very iPhone-like device with Android. Jobs went so far as to consider the actions of Google "theft", and thus began the string of lawsuits that have already made a very important gap between the two rivals.

"I will spend my last breath if I need it, and I spend every penny of Apple at $ 40 billion in the bank to correct this wrong," said Jobs. "I will destroy Android, because it is a stolen product. I am willing to go to nuclear war in this."

Despite the usual dose of humor included in the above passage, you can really feel the anger that was home to the big G, and soon after, in what was destined to be a clear the air meeting with Schmidt on coffee Palo Alto, California, Jobs maintained that he had no interest in resolving the complaint. For him, it was not to grab some money from Google, it was what he felt was just creation. According to the book, the meeting came to no resolution, with works that show the challenge infallible

"I do not want your money. If I offer $ 5 billion, they do not want. I have a lot of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that's all I want."


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