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Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011

Demand for Apple iPhone 4S has been very strong, with reports that Apple has sold 4 million phones so far. But there has been a completely smooth launch.

Some users report that we are seeing a problematic issue with the iPhone screen 4S: a yellow tinge pervading. Not all users to see the problem - is not as frequent as the antenna problem that marred the launch of the iPhone 4 - but have been very widely circulated among the customers.

Cult of Mac has some photos that show the differences in the color of the screen between the iPhone and the iPhone 4S 4, which shows the problem quite well. The yellow band appears intermittently or throughout the entire screen, and while it looks like a manufacturing defect, it may not be so bad.

Remember that the launch of the iPhone 4 white? When the phone was released, it was reported a yellow screen problem similar to this device as well. That did not become a disaster then, and it could be because the issue will resolve itself after a few days.
According to the story SlashGear June is possible that yellow just disappear on their own. It may be that the adhesive used to assemble the touchscreen that users are seeing. Here is a quote from the story of SlashGear:

This is a suggestion today, buried in the discussion about Apple Insider, a source claims that the discoloration is due to the adhesive used to bond the layers of glass on the screen together. The adhesive - Z-6011 silane organofunctional - requires a drying time after application, the source suggests that Apple - or their manufacturing partners - was rushed through this process and that the stains disappear after few days of use.

It seems quite likely that the difference in color tone between the iPhone and iPhone 4S 4 could be the result of manufacturers rushing to send the phones to meet the high demand. We've heard rumors that Apple is pushing its iPhone unit orders 4S, because you are selling so fast, with the first million units out within 24 hours of its being available for pre-order.

If the problem is the adhesive, it should just evaporates and the issue of dye will disappear on their own. It is probably still advisable that you contact Apple support with your problem to be on the safe side, but especially with the running screen, the iPhone 4S can be solved by itself after a few days. If it does, however, it is possible that Apple may have another iPhone big "scandal" in their hands.


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