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Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Australian insurer made an attempt to annoyance than a hacker willing to help fix the vulnerability team is in big trouble in cyber billabong.

The insurer was quick to call the police to complain in private security consultant Patrick Webster, after he had only informed the company of a mistake can open access to the database from the insurer of customer data private. The company demanded that Webster wiped the hard drive and forgot he came to know of the vulnerability in its operations.

It was no surprise that the history of Webster highlighted in the reports of the media and now it seems that the antics of the insurer for something more than an own goal of public relations. Recently, the Federal Privacy Commissioner, announced that it opened an official investigation into the whole pension. Patrick Webster said in a serious security hole in the company. Bettors had no idea until the reports of the media appeared on the company giving a guy a good kick. The insurer was described as very bad treat. In addition, the company could not detect an obvious security hole and easy to exploit. In fact, all Patrick Webster had to do was change a few digits of an address bar. One can agree that this can not be considered a serious hack.

However, there is the possibility that hundreds of thousands of accounts may have been exposed. At the same time, the team known as First Pension Super-State only managed to tell some of their customers, acting NSW Privacy Commissioner said he did not alert the database is not acceptable at all.

According to some reports, the first State has reported only 500 and something customers whose accounts were presented by Webster in the event of failure, but not all customers could potentially be accessed via the vulnerability. Executive Officer of the insurer said there was no evidence that anyone other than Webster had gained illegal access to customer accounts. However, other security experts who are paid by companies to test the reliability of their networks had doubts that the insurer maintains records or check possible.

Meanwhile, industry observers say the company than 770,000 customers can not have been at risk if he had heard only a warning after a similar cut that took place in early 2011.


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