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Sony is buying Ericsson's share in Sony Ericsson

Posted by VdoCity Thursday, October 27, 2011

Therefore, the rumors in recent days, turned out to be true and Sony is indeed taking full control of Sony Ericsson. With this acquisition, Sony is not going to be the sole owner, but also have the property of five families of wireless technology patents.

Sony and Ericsson have signed a cross licensing agreement for a broad intellectual property, but nothing beyond that.

Ericsson will receive € 1.05 billion as part of the offer.
Sony goes one step so you can concentrate fully on integrating their mobile phones with the Sony tablets, laptops, televisions and video game consoles, as well as integration with the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Entertainment Network.

If the acquisition is approved (regulation and the "decision-making bodies of both companies"), to be ready in January 2012.


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