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Posted by VdoCity Sunday, October 9, 2011
Kung Fu Panda is a video game based loosely on the movie of the same name. The game was released on several platforms, in June 2008.The game revolves around 24 years old, Po, a panda who dreams of becoming a great Kung Fu fighter. Unfortunately, his weight and clumsiness makes this seemingly unattainable ambition.

Early in the game, Po tells about a Dragon Warrior to protect the Valley of Peace. The warrior goes through the valley, defeating the Clan members boar Boar Blackhoof and saving people. The warrior is a giant Tai Lung, Po discouraging, saying that he is not the warrior. It is then revealed that it was only Po dreams and wakes up in the garden of the shop of his father, Mr. Ping of noodles. Soon it was announced that the Dragon Warrior will be chosen in the Jade Palace. Po rushes to the palace, only to find that the doors have been closed. You navigate through the fields of training, saving villagers rabbit (who are trapped in cages) of members of the Boar Clan Blackhoof and collection of fireworks on the road. After collect ten fireworks, fireworks ties to a chair, and rockets in the sand, where Tigress just finished her performance (the player will play as Tigress do). The Grand Master Oogway begins to identify the Dragon Warrior Po accidents before in the sand. Oogway it says. Master Shifu, the Five and Po are surprised by this. Po then taken to training camps Shifu, who does not believe that Po is the Dragon Warrior. Po is the success in the fields of training and procedures in their training. Moreover, Zeng, a goose is flying palace back to the Jade Palace, only to be attacked by vultures. He is saved by the crane, just as he is about to fall to his death. Crane hits vultures and flies Zeng Palace security, where Zeng announces that Tai Lung, an evil snow leopard, which uses a Master's student, has escaped from prison. Master Po and the Five let go in the palace to warn the villagers. The Boar Clan invade the palace and steal the treasures there. Po protect the treasures and the defeats of the boar. Teacher turns and sees the progress of Po and sends a lake inhabited by turtles Master Crane. The turtles were informed that the Imperial Crocodile Gang are invading the river, and on the side of Tai Lung, and have taken over the lake and goes to steal the baby turtles. Turtle Mom asks them to save their young. Po manages to defeat the crocodile enough eggs to find (the player has to find 8 eggs) to meet Mama Turtle (Po is called "Master Po Eggs" by it). Po then goes to the center of the lake to save his mother's grandson, who was kidnapped by the Queen Crocodile. Finish the eve of the Queen, who sent the king crocodile (Crocodile or Sergeant) to pursue and kill Po. Po rescues and fly Crane threw a stream with crocodiles Sergeant persecution. With the exhaust stroke and falls into a crocodile Sergeant waterfall and killed. Po then returns the mother turtle baby turtle.

Realizing that Po is the improvement of Kung Fu, Master Shifu is Po to the mountains of Wudang Kung Fu was invented. There, the giant ape and his cronies are stealing all the riches in the mountains. Po defeats Big gorilla henchmen and the stages of a final battle with the Great Gorilla, and finally defeats him. Meanwhile, the Furious Five are going to fight Tai Lung themselves, only to be defeated by Tai Lung and captured by his wolves. Teacher going to rescue the five, and does so with success, while military defeat Tai Lung. Teacher decides to hold off Tai Lung, Po while the five, and the escape of the inhabitants. As they will sit, Po's father tells him the secret of his "secret ingredient soup 'which is: nothing. His father explains that you just have to believe it's special to be special. Po realizes this is the same concept with the book of the dragon, which was presented earlier (it was blank as well). Po sets off to the Palace. He meets Lord of the Apes, and plan to destroy two ships belonging to the wolves with a water tower. Mono clears a path to the tower, and the Po and the monkey, both as a team to defeat an ox, and hit into the woods to support the tower, and collapse. PO continues his quest for the Palace, which is almost defeated by Master Tai Lung. Lung Tai Po called up the stairs and roll down the stairs and battle. After battling henchmen Tai Lung, Po and Tai Lung battle once again. Po defeats him using Wuxi finger hold and Tai Lung melts into air. Po is then accepted by the Furious Five and all the villagers as the Dragon Warrior and claimed a master of Kung Fu.

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