Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... not only used by adults and if the growing number of educational applications for the IPAD and the number of YouTube videos showing children with them any indication, children are now a very large user base of the tablets. This is where the family Xoom edition Motorola comes in. While Motorola is not officially announce this variant of the Xoom, someone saw the device in a store. Family Edition comes with a reporting mode Zoodles Children, which, you guessed it, has applications specially designed for children to help in their education and for fun. In addition, more than $ 40 pre-installed applications on the device, including Asphalt 6 and QuickOffice. Apart from that the Family Edition is identical to its regular Xoom, with the same 1 GHz processor Dual-Core 10.1-inch screen.

Unfortunately, we have the official price for the device at the time.


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