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iOS world tour 2011

Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple has, in past years, he held several "World Talk Technology Travel 'designed to give developers greater depth their views on new technologies. IOS 5, the company's latest mobile operating system will be the next shot with the frenzy of education from Berlin to Beijing, Seoul and Seattle.
First stop will be in Germany on November 2, with the tour running all the way until the new year before the end of January 23. Note that the negotiations will not be for beginners or those who seek the best for learning how to code time in the future. Apple has stated that, with the help of experts who have experience with the IOS SDK gain valuable knowledge about coding and advanced design techniques beneficial to the continued development of applications App Store.
The agenda for the procedure starts with an iOS 5 "Kickoff Tech Talk," which will make presentations, brief reviews, presumably accompanied by the usual spontaneous jokes. After the scene is set, the conversation then will head to the iPhone and iPad user interface design.

One side of the food will be reserved for talking about icloud, and how developers can take full advantage of it. The mere fact that the Cupertino-based company has bitten the chat in two parts gives more emphasis to its desire for a decent web business. After the failures of the past, and the failed attempt to acquire Dropbox reported in '09, we suspect that icloud depth education will be the main priority.

After the break, there will be three different workshops that operate simultaneously, covering a wide range of key areas for any development of IOS. These include Airplay, turn-based games with Game Center, and the adoption of In-App Purchases - another area where Apple and its developers are willing to increase margins.

After a day of vacuuming all this information, attendees will be given a break if necessary, with wine and cheese served at the end.

All in all, nine cities will be covered. In ascending order, are Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul and Sao Paolo, with the last three seminars taking place in American cities of New York and, finally, the Convention Center Austin, Texas.

For all and each is free to attend, so if you're a dev iOS keen to improve their application (s), check out the concise list of dates and places of local tour let down Tech Talk!


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