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iphone 4s enough

Posted by VdoCity Sunday, October 23, 2011

With the growing threat of Android, Apple can afford to just catch up?

It's a feeling of deja vu this morning by iPhone fans, who have awakened to the news of a disappointing incremental update rather than a major redesign. Yes, the iPhone 3G S again. A faster processor and graphics, a sharper camera and new voice commands that will probably be denied to the owners prior to upgrading to iPhones IOS5.

If you are satisfied overall with the iPhone 4 is unlikely to ditch the 4S - especially if you try to break a contract. S iPhone 3G owners who have concluded for two years, obviously, be willing to improve, although perhaps a little disappointed they are not getting the mythical iPhone 5.
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The Apple iPhone 4S.
The Apple iPhone 4S.

Of course, if previous IOS updates are anything to go by, IOS5 all but the brick iPhone 3G S anyway. Even the iPhone 4 is likely to work like a dog for a while - long enough to encourage people to give up and updating the new model.

The biggest difference between the presentation of the iPhone and iPhone 3G S 4S is that this time Apple can not afford to be complacent. The launch of the iPhone 3G S two years ago was in a very different environment. It was before the advent of Android superphone like the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. It was even before the release of Android 2.0 "Eclair". At that time Jesusphone Apple was in a class of its own. But no more.

Android Today is such a threat to Apple's Cupertino lawyers instead rely on designers to keep out competition. Meanwhile, even the new Windows Phone 7 is in full swing, with Mango recent update addressing many of its shortcomings. Only the wildest Apple fanboy who believe the iPhone remains untouchable. Now is the time for Apple to move forward, not only catch up in the megahertz wars and megapixels.

What do you think? He has done enough of Apple's iPhone 4S to counter the threat to Android?


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