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Posted by VdoCity Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is not uncommon these days mobile phones to be used for advertising photography or music videos. However, it is rare to hear of a mobile phone camera used to shoot a big budget film. Now, of course, the iPhone 4 here not used to record all of 'The Avengers', which goes on sale next year. But photography Seamus McGarvey has revealed in an interview that he used an iPhone 4 to record parts of the film. He also said that some of them have appeared in the trailer, which is below.
Now that is really impressive, because even after going through the trailer could not understand what parts were taken by phone and McGarvey was kind enough not to disclose this information to us. But it is proof of how much mobile phone cameras have advanced in recent years, which can now be used in the movie without anyone noticing any difference in quality.

Let's see if you can find the pieces that were recorded by the iPhone 4.


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