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Posted by VdoCity Friday, October 21, 2011

With the launch of Apple iPhone 4S has set a new milestone with its innovative technology. 4S The iPhone has created a significant buzz around the world for innovation and just because Apple did.

What sets the iPhone apart from the rest 4S competition?

Apple not only produces the best consumer products, but also break new ground in terms of technology. 4S The iPhone is no exception. Thanks to its characteristics, has created a new standard that does not exist yet.

The 4S iPhone uses a virtual assistant named Siri. Siri is not your typical AI not only answers your questions with knowledge, but also knows what it means. It's like talking to a real person in your iPhone 4S.

You may ask questions like Siri how the weather will be today or where is the nearest gas station in this city and give you a straight answer. Siri not only responds to simple questions, but also helps you schedule meetings, answer calls, send emails, reminders games, and helps you run applications that you need when you need them.
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Siri is not the only thing that will catch your attention with the latest iPhone 4S.

Apple is widely recognized for the ease of use, which is why last screen of the iPhone 4S retina is to deceive the eye. The screen is very clear. You will be able to clearly read the text and see images clearly. The technology behind the retina prevents screen pixels to be seen by the human eye. The screen on the retina causes the pixels on the phone almost invisible. The iPhone is the phone 4S highest resolution you'll have to see out the current market.

Another thing that prides itself iPhone 4S with 1080p high definition camera that can record HD videos. You can shoot all the videos you want with the latest iPhone 4S. You can also edit the videos and share it instantly with friends and family.

4S The iPhone uses an innovative high-tech and dual-core A5. The chip used by the iPhone 4S offer super clean graphics and fast response times. You can play your favorite games or watch your favorite movies anywhere in your iPhone 4S. Fast response times will also help you run multiple applications simultaneously. You can launch the applications you want, because the A5 dual core is powerful and efficient.

4S The iPhone runs on the most advanced operating system on a mobile phone with the IOS. The iOS 5 which has over 200 new features in the iPhone 4S. The highlight among the new features is the notification center. The notification center allows you to be constantly updated on the latest mails, reminders, messages, and many other updates.

There are plenty of things to like about the new iPhone 4S can not fit into an article. The iPhone must be experienced and not discussed at length.


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