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Obama sets new safety rules White House

Posted by VdoCity Monday, October 10, 2011
It was not long ago when Assange managed to get a hold of several files in a confidential and secure, supposedly from the Pentagon itself. Of course, it was with the help of his accomplice, a low-ranking officer of the Army Intelligence, Bradley Manning, who downloaded thousands of 'untouchables' files impenetrable networks and handed to the complainant on a silver platter site . Therefore, ask questions and give people something to talk about (God knows how much we love a good rumor), by WikiLeaks.

To refrain from mishaps in the future, Obama has issued an order to improve and standardize the federal review of data security measures.Let 's what the president plans to improve safety within the walls Pentagon and White House

1. Committees and working groups will be created that would be responsible for keeping an eye on the classified networks and access to data controlled by federal agencies.

2. A senior official will be appointed by the heads of all federal agencies to monitor the implementation of measures to control and monitor access to classified information.

3. A source of threat detection and prevention program to be set by the official and has to ensure compliance with new agency policies and standards under the command of access to and use of classified information.

4. To share classified information and protection of Office (CISS) and an inter-agency working committees insider threat Force to be formed.

5. The committee will be responsible for the formation of new inter-agency policy and standards for the protection and exchange of classified information in government networks. Which will be co-chaired by an officer of the White House Office of Management and Budget, and will include representatives from the Departments of State, Justice, Homeland Security (DHS), the CIA, National Security Agency and other agencies.

6. U.S. Attorney General takes command of the task force insider threat and will include representatives of the FBI, CIA, DHS, the Department of State, Defense and Justice and other agencies.

6. The Secretary of Defense and the Director of the NSA as a whole will executive bodies responsible for policy and technical standards for the protection of classified information.

The New York Times reports:

"And the military is accelerating the analysis of the records of teams in the network to detect large data transfers or data usage that is not related to job duties of an individual.
"It is an additional tool to provide indicators that flag abnormal behavior, much as the credit card companies to monitor the use of credit cards and a user profile," said Teri Takai, chief information officer of the Department of Defense ".

It seems that President Obama is not willing to take any risk with respect to the security of all confidential files, technically, "no." Even if not, we appreciate Obama's subtle way of doing things. As the President said, "Yes, We Can!"


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