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iPhone 5 design

We are SmashiPhone can’t wait for the iPhone 5 announcement date, with all the rumors that have been going around, some confirmed some seeming very far fetched, we can only imagine what the iPhone 5 is going to be like. We have put together all the rumors that we have been hearing other the past few months for you to see and so we can share the same image.

iPhone 5Design :

What is the iPhone 5 going to look like? We have seen over the past few weeks many different case manufacturers producing different cases for the iPhone 5. They are generally they are made to fit a bigger iPhone having a 4-inch screen, and that is 33% thinner than previous iPhones. These cases also have a tear drop like designs.

These cases have been designed depending on the iPhone prototype that was lost a week or so ago by Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhones. We have received reports claiming that this prototype got sold to one of the case manufacturers so these designs we are seeing in the market can actually be accurate. One thing that we are one hundred percent sure about is that it will feature an 8 megapixel camera.

iPhone 5 Specifications :

We no know that the new iPhone 5 will be featureing Apple’s new processor A5 and will have 1G RAM. We have also heard that the iPhone will have a chip that allows it to work with CDMA and GCM Networks, meaning it will work with AT&T and Verizon. However this last piece of news is still not confirmed.

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iPhone 5 iOS :

The iPhone 5 will come with the iOS 5 which has new features, like the Notification feature, iCloud, iMessage, iNewstand, Reminders and Twitter integration. The new feature that is going to be the iPhone 5 big selling point is the new feature called Assistant, which is basically going to be like your personal assistant built into your iPhone,. You can speak to it, give it orders, ask it directions, tell it to set meetings and record important dates in your calender and much more.

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It works by holding the menu button for a few second which then makes the microphone interface slides up taking a quarter of your screen and can take orders. It is basically going to be like the Voice Control that is in the iPhone now but way better and has better integration with apps. We have also heard that it will understand you a lot better, you can speak from any place in any accent and it will understand what you want it to do.

However, Assistant is expected to be able to work with only the new iPhone because it will need a fast proccessor and a lot of RAM to be able to do the orders that it is given.

iPhone 5 Model :

We have all heard the rumors saying that Apple is intending on releasing two new iPhone models, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S will basically be the same as the iPhone 4 but cheaper, with upgraded specs and possibly will have pre-paid options for users.

However in the last few days we have been hearing other rumors saying that Apple will not be announcing two new iPhones this October. Which seems like a good idea as the iPhone 4S is going to cost more to make but the price has to be dropped down for it to be appealing to users. But where is the profit in that? This means that the only iPhone that is going to be launched is the iPhone 5.

But others are saying the iPhone 5 design with the better camera and bigger screen is going to be pushed back and launched in 2012, meaning that the iPhone 4S will be the only one to be announced in the next Apple event.

On a lighter note Apple is expected to announce an iPod 3G with data connectivity like the iPad, which would leave Apple fans not completely disappointed about the delay of the iPhone 5 release.

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iPhone 5 Carriers :

Sprint has also sent out a memo to its employees saying that there are no vacations during the first 2 weeks of October due to a new phone being released. Also AT&T and Verizon will have the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Release Date :

Finally, f you do not know already, Apple has sent out its invites for its event on October 4th and has titled it “Let’s Talk iPhone”. The release of the new iPhone looks like it will be October the 14th. We have reports for a trusted source saying that the iPhone will come out in the U.S, U.K, Germany, France, and Japan, all on the 14th of October.


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