Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... has announced it will soon launch its LTE network, which will replace their existing networks within the next two years, a movement that occurs as a result of its decision to simplify their existing networks. Sprint currently operates CDMA, iDEN and WiMAX in the U.S..
1900MHz 1600MHz spectrum and LightSquared current Sprint's will become LTE. The first LTE-compatible devices will be launched in mid 2012 and full deployment of the network was completed in 2013.

Current users of CDMA operating in the frequency of 800 MHz, which should be addressed to better support the improvement of the signal and voice services. Finally, this spectrum is eliminated in 2013 and LTE will be the standard. The current WiMAX users will support continued until the end of 2012 but eventually also be deleted.

Sprint also promises a sharp reduction in roaming costs and increased signal penetration. At the end of 2012, Sprint intends to cover 176 million users under its LTE / WiMAX network and, in late 2012 its goal is to have 250 million users under its LTE network coverage.


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