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Today's launch point of an iPhone "emerging markets"

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, October 4, 2011 of Apple launching an iPhone today to emerging markets, instead of the next generation of iPhone 5 '.

Today's launch of the iPhone could be just one more to come. Frankly, with extreme and desperate speculation guess, the world has mostly no idea what to expect.

But one thing clear in the past twenty-four hours, in particular the long-held belief that the iPhone 5, in any incarnation may simply not ready yet, it is still a way away. I am willing to be wrong, but I'll call it a gut feeling.

For all we know, the iPhone 4S is the 'iPhone 5.

Apple Live: analysis and coverage up to the second

But it does not take a genius to realize that certain considerations require an additional "something" to make the role come to fruition. In the midst of a tough mobile market, Apple is betting its model of the iPhone trademark only to break the current trends and to be more favorable in their direction.

In my opinion, falls a crucial factor: the 4G network.

Apple has been relentlessly suing Samsung, a provider of 4G-enabled smartphones. Both Verizon and T-Mobile have stepped in to the ongoing case in the United States to show that, to stop sales of smartphones Samsung 4G could hamper not only his but also the government's objectives of achieving speed 4G network.

However, some are saying that the iPhone 5 will be "exclusively from Sprint, capable of accessing the 4G WiMAX network, after the below phone bought $ 20 billion iPhones. Betting the whole company in the next iPhone is not only unwise, but totally cool if the company can carry it out. Having said that, given Apple's policy of secrecy, Sprint seems to contravene apparent move offers behind the scenes, inevitably, passes between Apple and cellular networks.

Given the 4G network technology still has not been widely adopted, this only refers to today's launch is a 4S iPhone - a phone of Apple's brand designed exclusively for emerging markets, one block from the market must break.

Apple does not make the new technology standard, Apple waits until a technology is the norm, before adding to the wide range of other technologies and features in its current incarnation iPhones.

4G, however, although increasingly common in the United States, requires a lot of energy for high-speed network. Many of these enabled 4G phones are serious and require additional packages covering energy portion of the longevity of the battery itself from regular phones.

Given separate suit brought against Apple for which Samsung phone giant can claim the "thinnest smartphone in the world" in the United Kingdom, notes that only one result.

Apple will not jeopardize the thinness of their iPhones to keep the extra battery packs, ie, both the iPhone 5 additional packages allow power to be installed - something Apple has never done before, nor is it reasonable to always - iPhone or not contain 4S 4G technology. Because if the market is set to incipient 3G, 4G is still a generation away, and it would be pointless and not suitable for these environments.

Apple simply needs more time to develop 4G technology, which Apple itself the opportunity to develop 4G phones are not capable of the size of a brick.


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