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Android, IOS head to head, the most affected BlackBerrys

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, October 4, 2011, in any form today's launch can take, is investing heavily in next-generation smartphone.

IOS market share has stagnated below 10 percent in the last year, this year increased 26 percent in April and 27 percent in July, according to figures from comScore in August.

Because Android is running on a variety of smart phones and therefore has a broader scope for market penetration, its share is much higher from 36.4 percent in April to 41.8 percent in July. With this, it shows more rapid growth and expansion in the U.S. market.

As the share of BlackBerry continues to fall from 25 to 21 percent between April and July, decreased numbers leaves little to the defense.

(Source: Flickr)

IOS 5 alone will not eliminate Android from the point of the top mobile operating systems. For Apple to come, you have to sell more devices running IOS, or to increase its width to support the full range of IOS.

The party is limited to Apple iPhone and iPhone, yet is retained by the traditional iPod, as the thorn in his side. If Apple is to kill a selection of traditional classics and iPod shuffle models in favor of an iPod touch iOS 5 power, the struggle is with Android as its nearest competitor.

While the further spread of the IOS devices can not move to the sharing of Android, which could have a lasting effect on the BlackBerry, recently announced phones with the hope of rejuvenating the low sales and poor financial forecasting.

BlackBerry has, for some time, has been the black sheep of the mobile market. While phones are broad in scope and has a higher, broader than the range of Windows Phone, Microsoft does not seem to want to compete at the moment. If I wanted, would have accelerated the agreement to secure Nokia phone giant flood the market with the next Windows-based mobile phones.

As Research in Motion hanging by their claws on the edge of the cliff of market share, combined IOS will Android and an unstoppable force in the mobile OS market share. Microsoft, Research in Motion and Nokia are left in the dark as the two struggle against them - as seen in the ongoing patent spat, probably in court.


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