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Apple's new iPhone

Posted by VdoCity Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Apple takes the wraps off its new iPhone on Tuesday, but the shot really comes down to one word: Software.

Sure, let's reflect on the importance of an 8-megapixel camera, trying to figure out the key design decisions and potentially drool over the iPhone. The reality is that the iPhone is just a container for Apple software and application ecosystem.

In short, the iPhone can cope with emerging markets, be an incremental upgrade, or even in front of 4G networks. In the end, it all comes down to 5 and IOS icloud.

Among the key elements of Apple rumors:

* Apple will launch a helper function that integrates the technology of voice over the phone. If this software works, the Apple iPhone is more like a Star Trek tricorder.
* Apple ecosystem icloud bind together without the PC as the center.
* The new iPhone will probably not be able to 4G.
* Sprint's plunking by billions of dollars to bet on the iPhone.

Add it up and although the software is a great thing.

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Ben Reitzes Barclays Capital said:

We believe the new model in 2011 may have a faster processor, more memory, DRAM, an 8MP camera-date and optimized for use with the new IOS 5 with better multi-tasking. One of the main advantages of this new product could be expanded relationships with operators in the U.S. and elsewhere, given the band Qualcomm. We also believe that a new iPhone will be sold in China and elsewhere in Asia in early December, helping sales significantly. We expect the software to be the major objective of this announcement that Apple is set to release IOS5 including IMessage and other key enhancements. We are optimistic about the prospects of a new voice recognition software, as Apple could work on the characteristics of the Siri purchase last year. The feature could include a new interface that provides access to a whole new set of commands that increase comfort and integrate more social networking options. We believe that the Apple software and hardware integration in particular is its advantage over their peers.

Apple software and its ecosystem of applications is what gives the iPhone and iPad adherence with users. Conclusion: It is likely that the new iPhone will offer people with a bright new object, but in the final features, such as social integration and boost sales assistant.


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